Act 3, Scene 2: Meltdown

Setting: Blackwood's and Silverclaw's quarters. (Apparently they are roommates?). It has two beds and a desk. The back wall is covered with pieces of textbooks and schematics (put there by Blackwood trying to figure out how radios work). Blackwood is sitting at the desk. On the desk are a binder with documents and an atomic car battery not unlike the one Marconi used as a space heater. A car starter cable connects the car battery to Honeyberry's two way radio next to it. An absurdly convoluted home made antenna made from metal coat hangers is precariously hanging from pieces of wires and strings throughout the entire room. The entire room is in complete disarray, just like Blackwood's mind is descending into madness.
Stage setupNameComment
Backdrop ||
Left: Blackwood's quarter
Middle: Blackwood's quarter
Right: Blackwood's quarter
On 2nd rail ||
deskin [3-4, 2nd]
On playrail ||
bedfor Silverclaw in [2]
step for Panin front of bed [2]
bed2for Blackwood in [5]
Hand props & personal props ||
radioZephyron the desk
car batteryHaion the desk
clampHaibuild 2 clamps for battery
home made antennaFuaranin [4, 2nd]
piece of cottonAiko
documentssehkebaon the desk
notessehkebapinned to backdrop
Special effects ||
small flashFuaranfor screwdriver in radio
smokeRangarigMicro-Smoke for screwdriver in radio
PreRec ||
SilverclawPanLiam, 2ndVoiceSilverclawSilverclaw
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 3200 - STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Runo: ON

%MIX% Pan: OFF


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% AMB-3201 - Boring Room Tone

%HND% Only one of the car battery terminals is connected, the other clamp is sitting on the table.

%ACT% Silverclaw is sleeping on the bed in [2], back towards the audience. Her tail hangs down from the bed, and you can see the tail tip twitch.

%ACT% Blackwood is sitting at the desk in [5]

%ACT% Blackwood has a bloody piece of cotton in his left paw, pressing it against his bloody nose

%ACT% Blackwood is looking back and forth between the radio and the documents in front of him

%ACT% Blackwood takes the dangling clamp and connects it to the free car battery terminal VERY CAREFULLY. He covers his eyes, like he's expecting it to blow up in his face. He connects the clamp and immediately ducks.

%HND% The radio lights up, and there is a bit of static

%SND% SND-3201 - Radio Static

%ACT% Blackwood phews!

%ACT% Blackwood sniffsniffsnifss the radio

Blackwood: "No magic smoke. Good."

%ACT% Blackwood tunes the radio to a very specific frequency

%SND% SND-3202 - Tuning noises

%ACT% Blackwood takes the microphone, and speaks

Blackwood: "Hello hello, Stormbreaker for Professor Blackwood, Stormbreaker for Professor Blackwood, can you hear me?"

%SND% SND-3203 - Roger Beep - some very faint and completely illegible bits of speech ... then nothing again.

Blackwood: "Holy Mountain, how much bigger does this antenna have to be? Hmmm ..."

%ACT% Blackwood reads in his documents

Blackwood: "There. Output Gain Control. VR74. That sounds promising."

%ACT% Blackwood sticks a screwdriver into the radio, tongue hanging out at the correct angle


%HND% activate small flash and smoke

%ACT% Blackwood throws a fit of rage. AAAARGH!

%ACT% Blackwood tears down the makeshift home made antenna, bending some coat hangers out of shape, throwing them around


%ACT% Blackwood kicks the car battery off the table

%MIX% Pan: ON

%ACT% Silverclaw wakes up

Silverclaw: "*groan* Can't you throw your tantrums a little quieter?"

Blackwood: "What is wrong with this stinking piece of crap!"

Silverclaw: "I haven't seen you sleep for at least three days. Maybe you should get some rest and try again tomorrow?"

Blackwood: "I can sleep when I'm dead."

Silverclaw: "Is that one of your self-fulfilling prophecies? *YAAAAAAAWN*"

Blackwood: "Don't you realize WHY we're so tired? It's because we're running out of oxygen! If we fall asleep, we might not live to see tomorrow!"

Silverclaw: "If only we had someone who could fix this. Oh wait! That's the one you tried to kill!"

Blackwood: "I don't need her, I can do this on my own! The Stormbreaker is prepared. We have the manpower and the technology to put this place under siege until they either surrender, or everybody dies. No matter what, Polaris will be mine. The only thing we need to do is reach the ship and tell them what to do!

Silverclaw: "I think I know someone who's literally an expert on stuff like that. Oh wait! That's also the one you tried to kill!"

Blackwood: "I. Said. I. Don't. Need. Her. Any. More. The humans had a proverb that said: If the prophet can't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to the prophet."

Silverclaw: "*YAAAAAAAAWNS*"

%ACT% Silverclaw just sighs, and lies back down

Blackwood: "Hey! HEY! Don't you dare fall asleep on me!"

Silverclaw (sleepy): "I'm so tired. Of this expedition, of you, and your incompetent plans."

Blackwood: "But this time it will work! All we need is a bigger antenna, right?"

%ACT% Blackwood turns the dial on the radio

%SND% SND-3205 - Tuning noises ... then THE SIGNAL ...

Blackwood: "If THAT antenna isn't big enough to reach the ship, I'm gonna eat my own hat. Come on, get dressed we need to go ..."

%ACT% Silverclaw snores

%ACT% Blackwood shakes Silverclaw


%ACT% Blackwood gets into another brief fit of rage

%ACT% Blackwood runs around the room, ripping some of the pinned notes off, stuffing them into a bag

Blackwood: "Nobody humiliates me like that, Hawking. Nobody. Especially not a savage like you."

%SND% SND-3206 - Radio gets unplugged

%ACT% Blackwood grabs the radio, ignoring the cables that just fall off

%ACT% Blackwood puts the bag over his shoulder and walks toward the exit in [7]

%ACT% Blackwood exits

%ACT% Silverclaw snores

%LIG% Lights out


%HND% Curtain - close