Act 2, Scene 3: Silverclaw's Decision



%AMB% Sounds of a rural environment

%SND% door opens

%ACT% Silverclaw comes home, and drops some groceries on the table

Silverclaw: "Dewdrop, I'm home! ... Dewy?"

%SND% door opens

%ACT% Dewdrop comes in

Dewdrop: "Silverclaw! You're home early today!"

Silverclaw: "Yeah, I wanted to get back before the children come home from school, because I ... wait. What were you doing outside! You're supposed to be resting your leg!"

Dewdrop: "I was cutting the scissorgrass. It's completely taken over the field now. And it's that nasty, red kind. Goes right through your gloves."

Silverclaw (to herself): "One day I'm gonna chain you to your bed, and you're not gonna like it."

Dewdrop: "What?"

Silverclaw: "You know what the doctor said: Your leg needs time to heal, or you're going to keep breaking it!"

Dewdrop (*sighs*): "If it's ever going to get better... Sorry, I can't just sit around and do nothing. How are we going to feed the kids if I can't work?"

Silverclaw: "That's why I wanted to talk to you. I found something really interesting."

Dewdrop: "What is it?"

Silverclaw: "The institute has set up a recruitment stand by the marketplace, and one of their job postings looks like just the thing for me. Here, have a look."

%SND% Silverclaw hands over a leaflet

Dewdrop (reads the leaflet): "The Institute of Science, History, and Morality is looking for an experienced Guide / Logistics Expert (male / female / diverse) - You're a natural leader and have experience supervising crews or managing projects. You love physical activities and are confident about planning and executing the logistical aspects of a research expedition. You're passionate about exploring the unknown and believe in the power of knowledge. If this sounds like you, keep reading ... hmm ... hmm ... hmmm ..."

Silverclaw: "Look at the salary."

Dewdrop: "Silver. Do you remember what we said when we decided we were going to have kids? No more shady dealings. No more risky adventures. We found ourselves a nice house in the countryside and stable work so the kids can grow up in a safe place!"

Silverclaw: "And then you caught the virus, and now your bones are as brittle as glass."

Dewdrop: "It's getting better every day!"

Silverclaw: "But it's still going to take months, and even if we manage to get rid of the scissorgrass, we're way past sowing time for this year."

Dewdrop: "The blacksmith is looking for an assistant and I know how to wield a hammer!"

Silverclaw: "And one wrong move will send you all the way back to square one. No. Again. Look at the salary. That's worth more than 10 years of hitting your thumb at the forge in just a few weeks."

Dewdrop: "More like a few months. And how am I supposed to take care of the kids?"

Silverclaw: "I'll talk to Aunt Cloverfield. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to help out till I'm back."

Dewdrop: "And what if ... you don't come back?"

Silverclaw: "A cat always finds her way back home."

Dewdrop: "You're taking this way too lightly. And is that a picture of the ship? It doesn't have a sail, how is it even going to move?"

Silverclaw: "It's called the 'Stormbreaker'. It's the fastest and safest ship ever built. It's going to have months worth of supplies on board, and hundreds of crew members. They even have their own little hospital. It's going to be more like a cruise than an expedition."

Dewdrop: "Then what do they need someone like you for?"

Silverclaw: "They're planning an archaeological dig of some sort, but they don't know the exact location of the site. So their idea is to send out a small party on sleds to find and mark the site, and then bring in the heavy gear. And that's where I come in. I'll be organizing the search."

Dewdrop: "Wait, what do you mean 'you will'?"

Silverclaw: "I... I already signed the contract. I couldn't let that opportunity go to waste."

Dewdrop: "Have you completely lost your mind?"

Silverclaw: "I even got a small down payment so I can prepare myself. I won't need all of it, so here ..."

%ACT% Sound of gold coins dropping on a table

Silverclaw: "I mean what's the alternative? Sell the house, and move in with your parents?"

Dewdrop: "I don't trust those ... scientists. They're all weird."

Silverclaw: "I'll be careful. I promise."

%ACT% Silverclaw gives Dewdrop a big *smooooooch*

Silverclaw: "*smoooooch*"

Dewdrop: "Shhh ... I think the kids are coming home."

Silverclaw: "*doublesmoooooch*"