Act 2, Scene 3: Out of Reach

Setting: Outside in the Dark in a snowstorm. No Backdrop, or possible snow storm back projection. Characters can't see without artificial light. The air is snow. The ground is snow. Jon is snow. He knows nothing. There are several piles of snow on the snow. The snow is diggable. A wrecked military vehicle stands somewhere in the vicinity of [6,2nd]. Honeyberry is buried under one of the piles of snow near [2].
Stage setupNameComment
Snow blanketSnow_SH1, Snow_SH2, Snow_SH3, Snow_SH4fixed above playrail, with paper snowflakes
Paper snowflakesSnow_SH1for snow blanket
ladderStageTeamfor snow blanket
Backdrop ||
Left: Projection_ScreenHaku
Middle: Projection_Screen
Right: Projection_ScreenLuno
ProjectorsLiamset up 3 projectors
Projection Media (Snow)FOH_Screen_Ops
On 2nd rail ||
military vehicleNonein [6,2nd]
On playrail ||
Snow drift 1-33x snow drift elements
piles of snow2ndVoicein [2]
Hand props & personal props ||
harness_MarconiLiamgreen, yellow, red color
little headlampZephyr
white blanketSunny
atomic powered torchAiko, Liam2x
shock rod 3Kayjay
light bulbHaican light up
Special effects ||
PreRec ||


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 1300 - STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Lynard: ON
%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%MIX% Tani: OFF
%MIX% Runo: OFF
%MIX% Pan: OFF


%ACT% Honeyberry is hidden in piles of snow in [2-3]

%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-2301 - Snowy Night

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi is idle / green

%ACT% Scoobie and Marconi enter from [7]

%HND% Marconi is wearing a backpack with equipment, and carrying a shovel over his shoulder

%HND% Marconi is wearing a headlamp with a well focused beam (to not disturb the back pro too much)

%HND% Scoobie is wearing a cute little headlamp

%ACT% Scoobie scurries around, sniffing for Honeyberry

Marconi: "Are you sure we're still on track?"

Scoobie: "*dismissive Scoobie noises*"

%ACT% Scoobie sniffs around the wrecked military vehicle in [5-6], signalling Marconi to check it out

Marconi: "Okay, let's check out one more!"

%ACT% Marconi pokes his head inside the military vehicle

Marconi: "Honey? Are you in there? Hello?"

Marconi: "Empty. Like all the others. And I'm afraid this is about as far as I can go. The forbidden zone begins right over there."

%ACT% Scoobie sighs with disappointment

Scoobie: "*disappointed Scoobie noise*"

Marconi: "Yeah, I love her too. But I'm not the one who writes the rules here."

Scoobie: "*surprised Scoobie noise*"

Marconi: "Love? No, I didn't say that. I said 'like'."

Scoobie: "*inquisitive Scoobie noises*"

Marconi: "What are you talking about? I barely know her! Ts. [EMOJI_AIRQUOTES] Love [EMOJI_AIRQUOTES]. Ridiculous."

%ACT% Marconi takes off his backpack

%ACT% Scoobie scurries on, nose on the ground

Scoobie: "Eeeeeeek!"

%ACT% Scoobie zooms forward to [2] where Honeyberry is buried, points at the piles of snow, and jumps up and down

Marconi: "What? Right over there? You sure?"

%ACT% Marconi super-obviously brings up his shovel so everyone can see what he's up to

%ACT% Marconi makes a step towards the piles of snow

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi begins to flash in yellow

%SND% SND-2301 - Warning Level 1

%ACT% Marconi stops dead in his tracks

Marconi: "Uh oh. And this is the end of my leash."

Scoobie: "*frantic Scoobie noises* (Come here and help me goddammit!)"

%ACT% Scoobie pulls on Marconi's pants

Marconi: "Alright, alright! I'll try! *sigh* I'm so going to regret this ..."

%ACT% Marconi edges forward bit by bit

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi begins to flash faster

%SND% SND-2302 - Warning Level 2

%SND% blip blip blip sounds get faster

%ACT% Marconi moves even closer

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi begins to flash in red

%SND% SND-2303 - Warning Level 3

Marconi: "Shit shit fuck shit fuck ..."

%ACT% Scoobie frowns at Marconi

Scoobie: "*disapproving Scoobie noise*"

Marconi: "What? This is the pawpetshow, I can swear as much as I want!"

%MIX% Tani: ON

%SND% SND-2303 - STOP

%ATT% Sound effect ends here because it would be really annoying to keep running.

%ACT% Scoobie lets go of Marconi's leg, runs towards the snow pile

%ACT% Scoobie starts digging on her own, revealing Honeyberry's head ...

%ACT% Honeyberry moves her head a little, and gets some more snow out of her face

Honeyberry (faint): "*cough* *cough* Scoobie? Scoobie!"

%ACT% Scoobie squeaks super happy

%ACT% Scoobie facehugs Honeyberry

Marconi: "Honey!"

Honeyberry: "Hhmmmmmmmmbmrbm!"

Marconi: "Honey, it's me, Marconi!"

%ACT% Honeyberry shivers violently and speaks only very quietly and with great effort

Honeyberry (faint): "I know! I heard you swearing!"

Marconi: "Are you able you move at all?"

Honeyberry: "No chance. I can't even feel my legs."

Marconi: "I want to help you, but I can't come any closer. You're just inside the forbidden zone!"

Honeyberry: "The ... forbidden ... what?"

Marconi: "The Shepherd's Reins. If I go just one step further, it's gonna hit me like a Snapjaw's tail."

Honeyberry: "U-huh."

Marconi: "Wait. I've got a shovel. Maybe I can pull you out from here!"

%ACT% Marconi lies flat on the ground, shovel in hand, and stretches out as far as he can

%HND% The handle of the shovel juuuust about reaches Honeyberry

%ACT% Honeyberry reaches out for the shovel handle

Marconi: "Reach out with your paw! Yes! More to the left ... a little more ... there!"

Honeyberry: "My paws are completely numb!"

Marconi: "I know you can do it! I'm going to pull on the count of three! One! Two! Three!"

%ACT% Marconi pulls way too hard

Marconi: "Yiiiiikes!"

%ACT% Marconi throws the shovel behind him

%HND% The shovel lands behind Marconi

%ACT% Marconi lands on his behind, and kicks up a flurry of snowflakes

%HND% Throw a handful of snow into the air

%ACT% Scoobie complains!

%ACT% Marconi stands up

%ACT% Marconi brushes the snow of his clothes and walks towards Honeyberry

%SND% SND-2304 - Alarm Escalates

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi goes from green to red immediately

Marconi (angry): "By the motherlicking egg-sacks of a self-fornicating Needlesucker, I'm sick and tired of this shit ... this can't be worse than the shocks that Hawking gives me every day ..."

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi flashes white

%SND% SND-2304 - Stop

%ACT% Marconi gets thrown backwards like he was hit by the tail of a Snapjaw.

%ACT% Marconi ends up sitting on his ass again a few meters back.

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi goes back to idle / green

Marconi (still gritting his teeth, recovering): "Fuck. Fuuck. Okay. It's worse. Much worse. Damn."

%ACT% Scoobie is fed up with Marconi's inadequacy!

Scoobie: "*GRRRRRRRR*"

%ACT% Scoobie scurries over to Marconi, grabs the shovel with her mouth

%ACT% Scoobie puts down the shovel

%ACT% Scoobie looks back at Marconi

Scoobie: "*determined Scoobie noises*"

Marconi: "You're gonna do WHAT?"

%ACT% Scoobie wraps her tail around the handle of the shovel

%ATT% Idea: Two completely obvious black stage ninja hands grab her tail and tie an actual knot around the handle?

Scoobie: "*more determined Scoobie noises*"

Marconi: "Okay, I get it!"

%SND% SND-2306 - Alarm Escalates

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi goes from green to yellow to red

%ACT% Marconi grabs the shovel by the spade part

%ACT% Scoobie pulls the shovel, including Marconi, towards Honeyberry

%ACT% Scoobie bites into the hood of Honeyberry's jacket

Scoobie: "NOM!"

Marconi: "Okay, here we go again! One, two, threeeeeerrrrghn ..."

%ACT% Marconi pullllllllllllls and groans

%SND% SND-2307 - Alarm De-Escalates
%SND% SND-2306 - STOP

Scoobie: "*gneeeeeeeeks*"

%HND% Honeyberry slowly emerges from the hole in the piles of snow she was trapped in, until she's all within the "safe zone"

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi goes from red to yellow to green

%ACT% Scoobie lets go

Scoobie: "Phuua! Blblblblblbl."

Marconi: "Aaaaand we're back in business! Well done, Scoobie!"

%ACT% Marconi patpats Scoobie on the head, who enjoys it very much.

%ACT% Honeyberry groans and struggles to sit up

Marconi: "By the way, is the tail thing something all possums can do, or is that something you train for in the gym?"

%ACT% Scoobie looks at Marconi, then whacks him with the shovel **USING HER TAIL**

%SND% SND-2308 - BÄM

Marconi: "Ouch! All right all right. Now, let's get the hell out of here!"

%ACT% Scoobie suddenly stands on her hind legs like a meerkat

Scoobie: "Meep Meep Meep!"

Honeyberry: "Someone's coming!"

Marconi: "Damn, you're right. What now?"

Scoobie: "*has an idea*"

%HND% A light bulb appears above Scoobie's head, and lights up.

%SND% SND-2309 - Bing!

Scoobie (looks at Marconi): "*chitter chatter*"

Marconi (listening): "What? Play dead? Very funny. Oh wait! - Actually...!"

%ACT% Marconi pulls a woollen white blanket out of his backpack

%ACT% Marconi hides himself and Honeyberry under the white blanket in [4]

%HND% Marconi's harness_Marconi goes black so it doesn't shine through the snow

%ACT% Marconi turns off his headlamp

%ACT% Scoobie shovels snow on top of the white blanket

%ATT% Marconi and Honeyberry are now nothing more than a piles of snow

Scoobie: "*inquisitive Scoobie noises*"

Marconi (whispering): "I'm sorry Scoobie, but you'll have to play dead separately. You're a pro, you can do it!"

%ACT% Scoobie nods

%ACT% Scoobie falls over "dead" and pulls a handful of snowflakes over herself

Marconi: "Your headlight is still on!"

Scoobie: "Oopsie!"

%ACT% Scoobie turns off her little headlamp

%MIX% Tani: OFF
%MIX% Lynard: OFF
%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF

%MIX% Runo: ON
%MIX% Pan: ON

%ACT% Silverclaw and Blackwood come in from [1], each carrying a little atomic powered torch, running them up and down the snowy ground in front of them

%ACT% Silverclaw pokes around in the snow with a shock rod 3

Blackwood: "Nothing. Nothing. More nothing. Even more nothing."

Silverclaw (to herself): "Why am I freezing my ass off out here again?"

Blackwood: "Because your ass belongs to me, now stop whining."

Silverclaw: "You know, when I signed up for this job, I thought all I'd have to do was push some nerds around on a sled. And before I even know it, I'm dealing in sabotage, theft, and manslaughter with a pinch of genocide on top. I'll seriously have to update my resume when I get home."

Blackwood: "Don't tell me you've never done any crimes before. What about the fake blueprints you sold to that rich guy in Ironforge?"

Silverclaw: "That was nothing! And the only thing that might have got hurt was his ego. The things **you** made me do are an entire league of their own. Had I known that the power line I blew up for you was needed to keep this entire colony alive, I wouldn't have done it."

Blackwood: "And yet you're still here with me."

Silverclaw: "I need the gold. And I hate myself for it. But do you have any idea how it feels having to feed a sick husband and three kids, and all you have is a field growing nothing but mutant scissorgrass? "

Blackwood: "No, and I certainly don't envy you."

%ACT% Silverclaw walks up the the white blanket in [4] where everyone is hiding.

Silverclaw: "Oh look! A dead possum. Stiff as a brick."

%ACT% Blackwood pokes Scoobie

Blackwood: "There's only one possum in these parts, and that means they must be close!"

Silverclaw: "Let's check out that carriage over there!"

%ACT% Blackwood and Silverclaw walk past the hiding party

%ACT% Silverclaw pokes her head into the drivers cabin of the military vehicle

Silverclaw: "Hello? Anyone in there?"

%ACT% Blackwood shines his atomic powered torch into the back cargo area

Blackwood: "Nothing but Pigrat bones. Disgusting."

Silverclaw: "Time to move on then."

Blackwood (arches his aching back): "Damn, I'm getting too old for this shit ..."

Silverclaw: "And yet you're still here with me."

Blackwood: "Oh, shut up."

%ACT% Blackwood and Silverclaw leave towards [7]

%MIX% Runo: OFF
%MIX% Pan: OFF

%MIX% Tani: ON
%MIX% Lynard: ON
%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%HND% Switch Marconi's headlamp back on under the white blanket

%HND% Turn Marconi's harness_Marconi back on to idle / green

%ACT% Marconi gets up, dropping the white blanket with all the snow behind him

Marconi: "Phew. That was a close call."

%ACT% Scoobie gets up, turning on her little headlamp

Scoobie: "*phew*"

Marconi: "Great job, Scoobs!"

Honeyberry: "*coughs* I wish I knew what the hell is up with Blackwood. He's always been someone for me to look up to. Until today, I would have sworn he couldn't hurt a fly."

Marconi: "He must be pretty desperate."

Honeyberry: "Could be. Who knows what's been going on at the institute behind closed doors."

Marconi: "Do you want to discuss this right now while you're freezing solid, or should we go somewhere a little more cozy first?"

Honeyberry: "You're right, I'll shut up now."

%ACT% Marconi tries to take Honeyberry over his shoulder.

Marconi: "Uuuuuugh ... can you make yourself a little lighter, please?"

Honeyberry (faint): "Did you just call me fat?"

Marconi: "*GROAN*"

%ACT% Marconi carries her off stage towards [7]

%ACT% Scoobie drags Marconi's backpack along, and follows him off stage towards [7]

%LIG% Lights out

%SND% AMB-2301 - Fade

%HND% Curtain - close