Act 1, Scene 2: Chilled to the Bone

Setting: Snowy landscape. Minimal blue lighting on playrail, UV Lighting, Back projection of starry sky, snow dunes, aurora borealis (uv paint if no projection). The party has arrived at the entrance of the human settlement. All we see is a great wall and gate (45 degrees at [1/2]-ish one end; with a watchtower behind it. The watchtower is built in a way that allows weapons to be fired over the wall.
Stage setupNameComment
dimmerStageTeamfor light in tower + gate
Backdrop ||
Left: Projection_ScreenHaku
Middle: Projection_Screen
Right: Projection_ScreenLuno
ProjectorsLiamset up 3 projectors
Projection Media (Starry sky)FOH_Screen_Ops
On 2nd rail ||
gateKayjay, SilverHorsewall element with gate
amber lightHaiin gate
watchtowerKayjay, SilverHorse
lightHaiin watchtower
On playrail ||
Snow drift 1-44x snow drift elements
pile of bones
Hand props & personal props ||
bagsKobato2 bags
frozen carrionZephyr
sea sackHai
shock rodssehkebagroup of shock rods 1-4
shock rod 1CurryPinecone
shock rod 2o'wolfHoneyberry, BigMama
shock rod 3LiamSilverclaw
shock rod 4AikoBlackwood
sledSunny, Haimoved to [6]
PreRec ||
ScoobieLynardScoobiewithout Radio
BlackwoodRunoAiko, (2ndVoice)BlackwoodJacket_Blackwood
Pinecone2ndVoiceCurryPine NutsJacket_Pinecone
BigMamaRangarigLuno, Kayjay, (Kida)NoneBigMamaNone
RATS Setup
RAT 02 |RAT 03 |Weapon Marconi |Shock Rod |Shock Rod |Shock Rod Edding 3Shock Rod
1 blue-5 blue-9-13-17-21-25-
2 white-6 white-10-14 redShock18 redShock22 redShock26 redShock
3 red-7 red-11 redShot15-19-23-27-
4 green-8 green-12-16-20-24 whiteDagger28-


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 1200 - STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Runo: ON
%MIX% Tani: ON
%MIX% Lynard: ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF
%MIX% Pan: OFF


%AMB% AMB-1201 - Cold Outside

%HND% Curtain - open

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1, Bonechiller_larva_2, Bonechiller_larva_3 = Bonechillers

%ACT% Scoobie_with_Radio comes in from [7] still carrying the radio

%SND% Signal coming in from the radio loud and clear

%ACT% Scoobie_with_Radio excitedly bounces from [7] to the gate in [1-2, 2nd]

%ATT% Scoobie does not make realistic opossum noises. She's more like a slightly anthropomorphic seeing-eye dog, and she's using her noises as a simple quasi-speech. It sounds hissy-clicky-growly.

%ACT% Scoobie_with_Radio makes happy opossum noises

%ACT% Scoobie_with_Radio sniffs at the gate, turns around, and bounces up and down

%ACT% Scoobie_with_Radio calls for Honeyberry

%ATT% Switch Scoobie puppets to Scoobie without radio

%ACT% Honeyberry comes in from [7]. She's exhausted, and uses her cane to support herself.

%ACT% Blackwood walks in behind her, carrying a large sea sack over his shoulder

%ACT% Pinecone and Silverclaw come in from [7] right after Blackwood, pushing a sled (in front of 2nd level) to [6]

Honeyberry (out of breath): "I'm coming Scoobie! I'm coming!"

Blackwood (out of breath): "There. We made it! This is it! The ruins! And right where we thought they would be!"

%ATT% On the sled are bags and crates with provisions and equipment, or whatever is left over

%ACT% Snowdigger lies on top of the stuff on the sled, lifelessly

%ACT% Honeyberry keeps walking until she reaches the gate

%ACT% Honeyberry taps against the wall and gate with her cane

%ACT% Honeyberry snaps the cane to her belt, and begins to feel over the surface of the wall with her paws

%MIX% Pan: ON

Silverclaw: "Wow! So they actually exist. Color me surprised!"

%ACT% Pinecone climbs up the sled to watch over Snowdigger

Honeyberry: "Okay Professor, what exactly are we looking at here?"

%ACT% Honeyberry grabs the crystal that hangs around her neck, and points the microphone towards Blackwood

%SND% SND-1201 - Tinny computer voice: "Start Recording"

Blackwood: "I see a huge wall that stretches both ways into the darkness. We are standing in front of a big metal gate, which is closed, and probably has been for a few hundred years. Above the gate is a sort of watchtower - possibly an alternative way of entry for us?"

%ACT% Honeyberry knocks on the door with her paw

%SND% SND-1202 - knock knock knock

Honeyberry: "These humans used to make some serious quality paint. It absolutely doesn't feel a few hundred years old."

Blackwood: "I wish there was a way to open the gate. I really don't feel like climbing up there."

Silverclaw (to herself): "Have you looked under the doormat yet?"

Blackwood: "I'm sure there's going to be a crack in that wall **somewhere**. Nothing can withstand this kind of weather forever."

%ACT% Scoobie finds a piece of frozen carrion from a pile of bones, and begins chewing on it noisily

%SND% SND-1203 - Tinny computer voice: "Stop Recording"

Honeyberry: "Scoobie! What have you got there? Come here! Show it to me!"

%ACT% Scoobie growls and refuses

Honeyberry: "Uhm Professor, I think she's dug up some trash again, could you check if it's anything dangerous?"

Blackwood: "Come here little one, let me see ..."

%ACT% Blackwood tries to pull the bone out of Scoobie's mouth, but she won't let go

Scoobie: "Grrrrrrrr!"

Blackwood (strained): "Hmm ... almost looks like a chicken leg or something."

Silverclaw: "There's a whole PILE of bones over there. Someone... or something has been here before us!"

Honeyberry (tired): "Oh great. Come here, Scoobs! Hop hop!"

%ACT% Blackwood suddenly lets go

%ACT% Scoobie flies backwards

Scoobie: "Yeeeeeeet!"

%ACT% Scoobie scrambles onto Honeyberry's back, and continues chewing on her frozen carrion

Honeyberry: "There we go! Good girl! Now give me the bone! Who knows who's chewed on that one before you! Come on! Give it it to me! Hrrrrrrrrgh ..."

%ACT% Honeyberry straightens herself back up, fighting with Scoobie over the frozen carrion while the dialogue continues

%ACT% Scoobie makes happy opossum noises, playing tug of war with Honeyberry.

%PRE% PRE-1201 - Pinecone: "I wonder what kind of settlement requires a wall of these proportions."

Blackwood: "Military. Definitely Military."

Honeyberry: "Do you know more than I know? Because ..."

Blackwood (cuts her off): "Ehmehmehm ... no. It's just a gut feeling. Nothing more"

%PRE% PRE-1202 - Pinecone: "*My* gut feeling is that no matter what we're going to do next, we definitely need some rest first."

Blackwood: "Agreed, let's set up camp."

Silverclaw (to herself): "If only we had something to set up a camp WITH."

Silverclaw: "How's Snowdigger doing?"

%PRE% PRE-1203 - Pinecone: "Not good. His hands and feet are frozen. Do we have anything to make a fire?"

Silverclaw: "Not unless we start burning our supplies."

%ACT% Silverclaw starts searching through the stuff on the sled, looking for food

%PRE% PRE-1204 - Pinecone: "*SIGH*"

Blackwood: "You know what? It could all be a lot worse. Let's sit down, have something to eat, and see if we can come up with a plan."

%ACT% Silverclaw turns around, with two bags in her paws

Silverclaw: "I'm afraid all that's left is a loaf of bread and two bags of jerky."

%PRE% PRE-1205 - Pinecone: "We should have taken more food and less junk with us. And maybe something you can actually..."

Blackwood (cuts him off): "Ehmehmehm ... excuse me! That's no junk! It's priceless scientific equipment that is absolutely essential for the success of this mission!"

Silverclaw (to herself): "Well, then bon appétit, enjoy your equipment."

Honeyberry: "Inside these walls sits one of the most powerful radio transmitters in the world. And with that, we could not only call the Stormbreaker, but probably all the way home to Ferndale!"

Silverclaw (to herself): "That pizza would definitely be cold before it got here though."

%SND% SND-1204 - Distant Mating Cry of the common Bonechiller

Blackwood (walk to [6]): "Uh oh. What was that?"

%SND% SND-1205 - Less Distant Mating Cry of the common Bonechiller

%ACT% Scoobie spits out the frozen carrion

%ACT% Scoobie growls and hisses

Silverclaw: "Sounds like we've got company."

Blackwood (rubbing his hands): "Okay. Time to get out the toys!"

Silverclaw (to herself): "This better be good."

%ACT% Blackwood rummages around the sled and produces four modified KOTL shock rods

%ACT% Blackwood hands shock rod 1 to Pinecone and shock rod 3 to Silverclaw

Silverclaw: "Are these the kind of Shock Rods the Keepers of the Light used to have?"

Blackwood: "New old stock, in mint condition!"

%ACT% Blackwood delivers shock rod 2 to Honeyberry and keeps shock rod 4 himself

Silverclaw: "We're about to get eaten, and all you brought is a bunch of cattle prods?"

Honeyberry: "Well actually, I've spent almost a month restoring them and bringing them back to their original power. They can be deadly now if you turn them all the way up."

Silverclaw: "Pigrat deadly, or people deadly?"

Honeyberry: "Blowing the balls off a Snapjaw deadly."

%ACT% Honeyberry Test-Fires a Shock Rod

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 - Shock Rod 4 (Honeyberry)

Silverclaw: "You sound like you've been looking forward to this."

%SND% SND-1206 - Larva1

Blackwood: "I still would have preferred real firearms, but this is all they let me have."

%HND% Bonechiller_larva_1 creeps up the side of the sled

Silverclaw: "Pinecone! Slimy worm to your right!"

%PRE% PRE-1206 - Pinecone: "Waaaaaah! What the fuck is that!"

%ACT% Pinecone swings his shock rod 1 at Bonechiller_larva_1 and pulls the trigger

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 - Shock Rod 5 (Pinecone)

%SND% SND-1207 - Angry Larva1
%SND% SND-1206 - STOP

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 thrashes around, shrieking in pain, but the shock only makes it more angry

%PRE% PRE-1207 - Pinecone (in fear): "Snapjaw balls my ass! That just made it more angry!"

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 anchors itself with one foot on the sled, stretches itself out, and then lashes out at Pinecone, biting him in the shoulder


%SND% SND-1208 - Larva1 Bite

Blackwood: "Come on, everyone strike at once, on the count of three! One! Two!"

Honeyberry: "What? Where?"

Blackwood: "Three!"

%ACT% Blackwood, Silverclaw and Pinecone shock Bonechiller_larva_1 at the same time with their shock rods

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 -Shock Rod 3 (Blackwood)
%SND% RATS-22 -Shock Rod 4 (Silverclaw)
%SND% RATS-14+18+26 -Shock Rod 5 (Pinecone)

%SND% SND-1209 - Larva1 dies

%FOG% Smoke (Fog)

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 lets go of Pinecone, and dangles lifelessly from the sled

Silverclaw: "What's the matter, Honey? Why didn't you strike?"

Honeyberry: "I can't see! What am I supposed to do? Play piñata or what?"

Silverclaw (to herself): "If you can't fight properly, you'd better stay out of my fucking way."

Blackwood: "Stand with your back to the wall, we'll keep you safe!"

%ACT% Scoobie jumps off Honeyberry's back, and pulls her towards the wall

%PRE% PRE-1209 - Pinecone: "What kind of creature was that?"

Blackwood: "That might have been a bonechiller. I think I saw one in a book at the institute. They looked a lot bigger though."

%ACT% Honeyberry stands with her back against the wall, wielding her shock rod 2 in front of her

Silverclaw: "Anyways, I think I'm going to stick with my good old dagger for now."

%ACT% Silverclaw drops her shock rod 3, and draws a long dagger

%ACT% Silverclaw swings her dagger at the lifeless Bonechiller_larva_1, which drops out of view

%SND% RATS-24 - Slash! (Silverclaw)

Blackwood: "Are you alright, Pinecone?"

%PRE% PRE-1210 - Pinecone: "I'm fine. It was just a small graze, it's not even bleeding.. I just feel a little ... *gasp* Shit ... *gurgle* I *gasp* I ..."

%ACT% Pinecone reaches for his throat, and drops to the ground a few seconds later

%MIX% 2nd Voice: OFF

Silverclaw: "Shit! They're poisonous!"

Blackwood: "And that wasn't in the book either."

%ACT% Pinecone falls behind the sled out of sight

%ATT% ------------------ exact choreography needs to be figured out ----------------------

%ATT% **** ATTACK WAVE 1 ****

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 re-appears between Scoobie and Silverclaw, looks towards Silverclaw

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_2 appears in [6] in front of Silverclaw

%SND% SND-1210 - Larva 1+2 Sounds

%ACT% Scoobie jumps off Honeyberry's back, standing in front of Honeyberry, hissing, defending her

Silverclaw: "Watch out! There's more of them coming!"

Honeyberry: "Where? WHERE?"

%ACT% Silverclaw kills Bonechiller_larva_2 in [6]

%SND% RATS-24 - Slash! (Silverclaw)

%SND% SND-1211 - Larva 2 Dies

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_2 disappears

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 bites Silverclaw in the neck

%SND% SND-1208 - Larva1 Bite

Silverclaw: "Argh! SHIT!"

%ACT% Silverclaw chokes and gags

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 gets electrocuted by Blackwood with shock rod 4 and disappears

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 - Shock Rod 3 (Blackwood)

%SND% SND-1212- Larva 1 Dies Again

Blackwood: "How's that you little sucker?!"

Silverclaw: "It got me ... for fuck's sake, IT GOT ME! *gasp*"

%ACT% Silverclaw hangs on to the sled for support

%ATT% **** ATTACK WAVE 2 ****

%SND% SND-1213 - Larva 1+3 Sounds

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_3 appears on the sled and latches itself onto Snowdigger with his teeth

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 re-appears between Scoobie and Honeyberry, crawling towards Honeyberry

%ACT% Scoobie growls and snarls at Bonechiller_larva_1

Silverclaw: "There's another one over here, on the sled! *cough* *gasp*"

Blackwood: "Gotcha!"

%ACT% Blackwood electrocutes Bonechiller_larva_3 with shock rod 4

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 - Shock Rod 3 (Blackwood)
%SND% SND-1214 - Larva 3 Dies
%SND% SND-1213 - STOP

%ACT% Silverclaw drops lifelessly (out of sight)

%ACT% Scoobie attacks Bonechiller_larva_1

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 turns around to Scoobie (but does not bite)

Blackwood: "Honeyberry! One o'clock, two meters! NOW!"

Honeyberry: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

%ACT% Honeyberry strikes blindly with her shock rod 2, killing Bonechiller_larva_1

%ACT% Scoobie jumps away just in time

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 - Shock Rod 4 (Honeyberry)

%SND% SND-1215 - Will Larva 1 Ever Die
%SND% SND-1214 - STOP

Blackwood: "You got it!"

%ATT% **** ATTACK WAVE 3 ****

%SND% SND-1216 - Larva Army

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_2 reappears at the edge of the stage in [7], crawling towards the remaining party members

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_3 reappears in [7] and follows Bonechiller2

%ACT% Bonechiller_larva_1 reappears in [7] and follows Bonechiller3

%ACT% Scoobie threatens the Bonechillers

Honeyberry: "Scoobie! Come here! SCOOBIE!"

%ACT% Scoobie charges at the Bonechillers, spitting and growling

%ACT% Bonechillers suddenly squirm away and leave downwards

%SND% SND-1217 - Larva Army Flees
%SND% SND-1216 - STOP

%ACT% Scoobie runs off stage at [7]

%ACT% Blackwood just stares in disbelief

Honeyberry: "Scoobie! Will you COME HERE!"

%ACT% Blackwood turns around to Honeyberry

Blackwood: "Wow! She scared them away. She really scared them away. All on her own! That's incredible!"

%ACT% BigMama lets her back appear for a moment above the playrail, like a shark's fin before disappearing again

%ATT% **** BOSS FIGHT ****

%ACT% BigMama appears from behind the sled

%SND% SND-1218 - Mama Attacks

Blackwood (terrified): "HOLY SHIT!"

Honeyberry (afraid): "Holy shit what?"

Blackwood (in terror): "It's gigantic! Run, Honeyberry! RUN!"

Honeyberry: "Scoobie! Where are you? Scoobie!"

Blackwood: "I said RUN!!!!"

%ACT% BigMama lashes out at Blackwood, biting him, pushing him below the playrail

%SND% SND-1219 - Mama Strikes
%SND% SND-1218 - STOP

%ATT% Blackwood's player needs to get their hand out of the puppet quickly

Blackwood (in pain): "AAH!"

%ACT% Honeyberry shrieks

%ACT% BigMama throws Blackwood away (you see the puppet flying)

%ACT% BigMama turns around, and slithers towards Honeyberry like a snake

%ACT% Honeyberry presses herself with her back against the wall, shaking and completely paralyzed with fear

%ACT% BigMama - Re-Enacting that iconic scene from "Alien": BigMama slowly raises her head, until she's on eye level with Honeyberry, sniffing her up close

%SND% SND-1220 - Scary Mama

%ACT% Honeyberry freezes and whimpers in fear

%ACT% BigMama slowly opens her mouth, preparing to bite Honeyberry

%SND% SND-1221 - Hungry Mama

%ACT% Honeyberry hunkers down, putting her arms and the shock rod 2 over her head protectively

%ACT% BigMama bites into the shock rod 2, yanking it away from Honeyberry

%SND% SND-1222 - Mama Bites

%ACT% BigMama The shock rod 2 goes off inside BigMama's mouth, achieving nothing

%SND% RATS-14+18+26 - Shock Rod 4 (Honeyberry)

%ACT% BigMama spits out the shock rod 2 in the opposite direction

%ACT% Scoobie comes back from [7]

%ACT% Scoobie jumps on BigMama's body, running along on top of her

%SND% SND-1223 - Mama Defends Herself

%ACT% Scoobie jumps up, and bites into BigMama's neck

%ACT% BigMama roars, and tries to shake Scoobie off

%ACT% Honeyberry screams

%ACT% Scoobie flies off, landing a few meters away on the playrail

%ACT% BigMama turns and sinks her teeth into Scoobie

%SND% SND-1224 - Mama Bites Again

%ACT% Scoobie squeals in pain and falls down from the playrail

Honeyberry (screaming in terror): "Scoobie! SCOOBIE!"

%HND% The light comes on in the watchtower, revealing the shadow of Marconi

%ACT% Marconi points a weapon at BigMama and fires a dozen or so shots in rapid succession

%SND% RATS-11 - Harpoon Shots (repeatedly)

%ACT% BigMama dies spectacularly, and disappears towards [7]

%SND% SND-1225 - Mama Flees

%ACT% Marconi 's shadow disappears from the window

%ACT% Honeyberry is in shock

Honeyberry (slowly, beginning to cry while she talks): "Scoobie? Come here, Scoobie! Be a good girl and come to mama! Scoobie! Are you there? Scoobie!"

%SND% SND-1226 - Huge hydraulic door opening

%HND% The sliding gate opens, and warm, amber light floods out, together with some fog

%LIG% Warm, amber light from within the gate (cue required for FOH?)

%FOG% Fog emerges from within the gate

%LIG% Kill all front lighting

%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%ACT% Marconi appears, but all you can see is his shadow

Marconi: "Are you okay?"

Honeyberry: "What's going on? Where is everyone?"

%ACT% Honeyberry turns around towards the gate, raising up her paws in defence, shaking

Marconi: "They'll be fine. You woke me up just in time."

Honeyberry: "Who ... who are you?"

Marconi (calm): "My name is Marconi. Night guard on duty."

Honeyberry: "Are you ... a human?"

Marconi: "No. Do I look like one?"

Honeyberry: "I ... I don't know ..."

Marconi: "Wow, you're shaken up real good, aren't you? Here, take my paw. I'll take you inside. It's really cold out here tonight."

Honeyberry (fainting): "We have to find Scoobie first! I can't see ... without ... Scoobie ..."

%ACT% Honeyberry falls over

Marconi (to himself): "Oh good grief."

%ACT% Marconi catches her

Marconi (to people inside): "There you are! We have four strays down, and one ... Scoobie, whatever that means. We need to get them inside before the venom turns their brains to mush! Come on, move it!"

%AMB% AMB-1201 - FADE Cold Outside

%HND% Curtain - close