Act 3, Scene 1: Batman and Catwoman


%AMB% AMB-0801 - Suburbs at Night
%MUS% MUS-0805 - Chase Music

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on (Dark Blue)

%FOG% Start Hazing

%ACT% Savannah and Makani come running in from [7]

Savannah: "*gasp* Are they still behind us?"

Makani: "*gasp* *wheeze* Yes, keep going!"

%ACT% Savannah stops, panting heavily

Savannah: "I can't *gasp* I'm sorry *gasp* I'm completely out of breath *gasp*"

%ACT% Savannah stops, panting loudly, leaning against the wooden beam.

%SND% SND-0801 - nearing footsteps, running, then stopping

Thug1 (off): "Where did they go?"

Thug2 (off): "I saw them turn right … over there, in the yard!"

Makani: "Shit, we've got to hide! Quick!"

%MUS% MUS-0806 - Hide and Seek

%ACT% Makani hides behind the shrubbery near [7]

%ACT% Savannah jumps headfirst into the rightmost trashcan near [1]

%ACT% Thug1 appears, panting

%ACT% Thug2 appears, panting

Thug1 (whispering): "Are you sure they went this way?"

Thug2 (whispering): "Yeah, fo sho."

Thug1 (whispering): "They've got to be here somewhere - this is a dead end."

Thug2 (whispering): "Let's check out the trashcans."

%MUS% MUS-0801 - Suspension rising

%ACT% Thug1 sneaks up to the first trashcan

%ACT% Thug1 opens the trashcan suddenly!

%MUS% MUS-0802 - Orchestral Terror Noise / Tension Falling

%SND% SND-0802 - CAT SCREECH / Heartbeat

%HND% A cat jumps out of the trashcan

%ACT% The Thugs jump back in terror

Thug1, Thug2: "AAAAARGH!"

%ACT% The thugs hyperventilate

Thug1: "Holy crap, what was that!"

Thug2: "It was just a cat, idiot!"

Thug1: "Oh … yeah … still, next one's yours!"

Thug2: "Heh. Coward."

%MUS% MUS-0803 - Tension Rising 2

%ACT% Thug2 sneaks up to the second trashcan

%MUS% Suspension rising

%ACT% Thug2 opens it suddenly!


%LIG% Lights out

%MUS% MUS-0803 (STOP)
%MUS% MUS-0804 - Orchestral MUSIC OF DOOM

%HND% A bright red light and a column of steam shoots up from the trashcan

%SND% SND-0803 (cont.) - Deep Rumbling Voice: "ZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL!"

%ACT% The Thugs jump back in terror

Thug1, Thug2: "AAAAARGH!"

%SND% SND-0803 (cont.) - Swoosh
%MUS% MUS-0804 (cont.) - Tension falling

%HND% The trashcan lid falls back shut (Wait for Sound effect to end!)

%LIG% Lights back on (Dark Blue)

Thug2: "Okay, you check the third one."

Thug1: "No, you check the third one."

Thug2: "No, you!"

Thug1: "No, you!"

Thug2: "No, you!"

Thug1: "No, you!"

%SND% SND-0803b - Rusting Leaves

%ACT% Makani rustles with the leaves, and coughs loudly.

Thug2: "What was that? Did you hear something?"

Thug1: "Yeah, it came from over there in the bushes!"

Thug2: "Let's look."

%ACT% The thugs walk over to the bushes, and start rummaging around

Thugs: Improvise Dialogue.

%SND% SND-0804 - Open Lid

%ACT% Savannah opens the lid of "her" trashcan, looking out.

%ACT% Savannah starts swaying from left to right, trying to make her trashcan topple over.

%SND% SND-0805 - left-right-left-right-left-fall

%HND% The third trashcan sways and falls over towards [7].

%HND% Domino Effect: The third trashcan topples over the second one

%SND% SND-0806 - BONK 1

%HND% Domino Effect: The second trashcan topples over the first one

%SND% SND-0807 - BONK 2

%HND% Domino Effect: The first trashcan knocks over the beam that holds the tin roof

%SND% SND-0808 - BONK 3 / Squeak

Thug2: "Watch out!"

Thug1: "INCOMING!"

%HND% Domino Effect: One side of the tin roof falls down, forming a ramp.

%ACT% The Thugs duck and cover

%SND% SND-0809 - Crash / Slide

%HND% Domino Effect: The stuff stacked on the roof slides down, hitting the upper side of the see-saw.

%SND% SND-0809 (STOP)
%SND% SND-0810 - SPRONG!

%HND% Domino Effect: The seesaw tips over, catapulting the spare tires into the air.

%SND% SND-0810 - Grenade Falling

%HND% Domino Effect: One of the tires flies in a nice arc over the heads of the thugs, bouncing off stage to [7]

%SND% SND-0811 - Bounce 1
%SND% SND-0812 - Bounce 2
%SND% SND-0813 - Bounce 3

%ACT% The thugs get back up.

Thug1: "Phew. That was close!"

%SND% SND-0814 - Screeching tires.

%HND% Domino Effect: A Hawaiian CHICKN CAB (with two chickens in it) slides in from [7]

%ATT% (The cab needs to have functioning headlights so we can see what happens next in the dark.)

Thug1, Thug2: "Aaaaaaaaaargh"


%ACT% The thugs flee towards [1]

%HND% Domino Effect: The CHICKN CAB hits the power pole

%SND% SND-0814 (STOP)
%SND% SND-0815 - CRASH 1!
%SND% SND-0815 (cont.) - Chickens: "BA-GOOOOOK!"

%HND% Domino Effect: The power pole falls over

%SND% SND-0816 - Crackle

%ACT% Thug1 jumps out of view

%ACT% Thug2 gets hit by the power pole

%SND% SND-0817 - Crash & Electrical Noise

Thug2: "Aaaaaarrhhg!"

%HND% The streetlight on the power pole flickers off, and stays off.

%LIG% Adjust lights to reflect loss of streetlight.

%ACT% Thug1 stands up, and runs towards the CHICKN CAB

Thug1 (enraged): "For fuck's sake, you fucking dumb ass shit cocksockets - can't you see where you're fucking driving? Come here you stupid-ass turd burglars and I'm gonna bitch slap your burnt shit gay face with my motherfucking spam dagger! What are you waiting for? Come on, you soggy fuckbiscuits!"

%SND% SND-0818 - Chickens (talking to each other): Bork bork bork? Bork, bork bork bork!

%SND% SND-0818 (cont.) - Car door opens

%ACT% Chickens get out of the car, suddenly carrying baseball bats

Thug1 (enraged): "Yeah right, come at me pigeon fuckers! Come here and get your shitsnot kicked out of you!"

%ACT% The chickens start clubbing Thug1 who doesn't have a glimpse of a chance

%SND% SND-0819 Chickens (excited): BOOOORK BORK BORKBORK!
%SND% SND-0819 (cont.) - Clubbing, Punches, Bones Breaking

Thug1: "Aaaargh! Arrgh! Aaaahhhh!"

%ACT% Thug1 collapses and is "dead".

%ACT% (Wait for sounds stopping.) The chickens throw away their clubs and mock Thug1.

%SND% SND-0820: Chickens go "neeners, neeners, neeners".

%ACT% Chickens leave to the car.

%SND% SND-0821 Car door opens

%ACT% Chickens get in the car

%SND% SND-0821(cont.) - Car starts (sounding very broken), Motor revs up in reverse

%ACT% Car starts to move slowly backwards.

%SND% SND-0821(cont.) Squeaking and screeching noises

%ACT% Car disappears from view

%HND% Turn off headlights.

%LIG% Adjust lights to to reflect loss of car lights

%ACT% Makani appears from his hiding place

%ACT% Savannah appears from between the trashcans.

%ACT% They stand next to the dead/unconscious thugs

Savannah: "Well, that escalated quickly."

Makani: "I'm so not looking forward to explaining THAT to the police."

Svannah: "Some things should remain unsaid …"

Makani (chuckles): "Yeah, but first we have to get there."

Savannah: "Monica needs our help now! The police can wait!"

Makani: "Getting the authorities involved is the best help we can give her right now. Come on, let's go."

%SND% SND-0822 - Cellphone Ringing

Savannah: "Your phone is ringing."

Makani: "That's not my phone."

Savannah: "What?"

Makani: "It's coming from over there …"

%ACT% Makani walks over to one of the corpses, and picks up the phone.

%SND% SND-0822 (STOP)
%SND% SND-0823 - Pickup Phone
%MUS% MUS-0807 - The Phonecall
%SND% SND-0823 (cont.) - Bailey (on the phone): "This is Bailey. I need your report. Did you get the student and her friend? (pause) Hello?"

Savannah (whispering): "That's your chance. Disguise your voice, and see what information you can get out of him!"

Makani (changing his voice - holding his wing up and talking through it muffled): "Eh … sorry, boss. I just got one bar of coverage … can barely understand you …"

%SND% SND-0824 - Bailey (on the phone): "Did … you … kill … the … student … and … her … friend?"

Makani: "Affirmative … Both … dead. Where … can … we … meet … you?"

%SND% SND-0825 - Bailey (on the phone): "Clean up … and leave. I have Monica … Come to pier 24, but stay Out … Of … Sight. Might be a trap … Hurry."

Makani: "Affirmative."

%SND% SND-0826 - phone hangup
%MUS% MUS-0808 - Makani is concerned

Savannah: "Monica is still alive! This is our chance to rescue her."

Makani: "Who do you think we are? Batman and Catwoman? Forget it, we're no superheroes."

Savannah: "She risked her life to save us - we can't just leave her! You can go to the police if you want, but I'm going to the pier!"

Makani: "*impatient sigh* No. If we're splitting up, then I'm going to the pier. You go to the police station. I don't want you getting hurt again."

Savannah: "But …"

%ACT% Makani hands the phone to Savannah

Makani: "Take the phone - tell the police about Monica. Then go straight to the station."

%ACT% Savannah takes the phone

Savannah: "But I …"

Makani: "No buts."

%ACT% Makani walks over to one of the thugs and takes his gun

Makani: "I'll take one of these guys' guns, don't worry. I'll meet you at the station when it's over. See you there."

%ACT% Makani runs off to [7]

%ACT% Savannah grumbles.

%ACT% Savannah looks after Makani and wait until he's gone.

%ACT% Savannah dials the phone

%SND% SND-0827 - Phone Dial 911

Savannah: "Hello? My name is Savannah van Camp. A friend of mine has been taken hostage, Mrs. Monica Rowland. She's been taken to Honolulu Harbor, Pier 24. Please, please hurry - her life is in danger!"

%SND% SND-0828 - Hangup

%ACT% Savannah hangs up

%ACT% Savannah takes the other thug's gun.

Savannah: "Sorry Makani, but I hate it when people treat me like I can't take care of myself."

%ACT% Savannah chambers a round

%SND% SND-0829 - Ka-Tshck

Savannah: "See you at Pier 24."

%MUS% MUS-0809 - Cue 9 (ending)

%ACT% Savannah walks off to [7]

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close