Act 3, Scene 1: Flynn's


%SND% Door buzzer

%VID% A bouncer appears on the video screen.

Bouncer: “Welcome to Flynn's Nightclub. How high do you wanna go tonite?”

Cornelius (off): “Uhm … hi there. It's just me and my girlfriend. May we come in?”

Bouncer: “No, I'm sorry. This club is for members only.”

Cornelis (off): “Oh I see. In that case, what do we have to do in order to become members?”

Bouncer: “New memberships require an invitation. And now I will have to ask you to leave. Have a good night.”

%SND% Hangup beep.

%VID% Bouncer disappears from the video screen

Cornelius (off): “*sigh* Oh great. Where on earth are we supposed to get an invitation from?”

Yun (off): “Well, technically we HAVE been invited, haven’t we?”

Cornelius (off): “Yeah, that's right, but how do we prove it?”

Yun (off): “Hang on, I've got an idea.”

Cornelius (off): “What are you going to do? Show him your boobs?”

Yun (off): “*SNICKERS* No, silly. I'll just do what Null told us to. Remember his last phonecall?”

%SND% Door buzzer

Bouncer: “Welcome to Flynn's Nightclub. Oh helloooo, kitty!”

Yun (off): “Hello. We’re a party of two. We've got an invitation.”

Bouncer: “Oh you do? Then tell me, how high do you wanna go tonite?”

Yun (off): “The sky is the limit!”

Bouncer: “Then this is the right place for you. Why don’t you come in?”

Yun (off): “Thank you!”

%HND% Curtain - open

%SND% Door buzzer / Door opens / Footsteps downstairs


%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% 0901 - Strange Ambience (Humming, Computer Noises)

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius enter from [7], followed by the bouncer.

%ACT% A row of persons are sitting next to each other at a table, wearing VR helmets. They're silently bobbing their heads, all synchronously.

%SND% 0902 - Bouncer: “There are two free seats at the end of the table. Just get yourself a helmet, and enjoy! You can stay as long as you like, but don’t forget to drop your gear at the counter on your way out, alright? Now have fun, you two.”

%ACT% Bouncer leaves

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius walk towards the free space, where two helmets are lying on the table. They look around while they talk.

Yun: “This is the last thing I would have expected. If this is not a club … what is it?”

Cornelius: “I have no idea. But if you ask me, this is exactly Null's style. Secret passwords, everyone wearing Virtual Reality gear … ”

Yun: “Yeah, but why are they all gathering here, instead of logging in from home? You don’t have to be in the same room to meet up in Cyberspace.”

%ACT% Cornelius sits down.

Cornelius: “I guess there is only one way to find out: Let’s join ‘em!”

Yun: “*deep breath* Alright, let's do this. 3..2..1..GO!”

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius simultaneously put the helmets on.

%LIG% Main Lights out / UV Lights on

%AMB% 0901 FADE
%SND% 0903 - Second Life Teleport Sound / Loading Sounds
%VID% 0904 - Loading screen 0-30%

%ATT% !!! Scene Change in the dark !!!

%ATT% !!! Setting: Dance floor [7], DJ booth on second level [3-4], Bar counter [3-1]

%VID% 0905 - Loading screen 30-60%

%VID% 0906 - Loading screen 60-100%
%MUS% 0907 - Music 1: Daft Punk

%ACT% Yun and Void appear at [4]

%FOG% A little bit of fog (to make beams visible)

%ATT% !!! Time with music !!!

%MUS% Bass line starts

%LIG% UV Light on DJ Booth

%ACT% Two Daft-Punk Style DJs appear on the DJ booth, dancing around, handling tron-disc like glowing “records”.

%ATT% !!! Time with music !!!

%LIG% light up “Flynn's” neon sign

%ATT% !!! Time with music !!!

%LIG% light up Bar

%ACT% Tron-style bartender appears

%ATT% !!! Time with music !!!

%LIG% Light up dance floor (Moving light effects)

%ACT% Tron-Style Dancers appear. They dance.

%ACT% Tron-Style Bar patrons appear. They drink.

%MUS% Music fades down a bit, but keeps running in the background

Yun (amazed): “Wow! So it IS a nightclub after all! And I must say, this place has some serious retro style! I love it!”

Cornelius (amazed): “Oh yeah! And not just that. I see erotic dancers, simulated alcoholic drinks, and something in the air is making me feel dizzy! This joint is as illegal as it gets, and I’d say it’s a safe bet it’s not on the public grid. Let’s just do what we have to and then … eerrrr, Yun? What the hell are you doing?”

%ACT% Yun dances around (something's making her feel euphoric.)

Yun: “Oh Cornelius! Can you remember the last time we went out dancing together? It must have been years! Come on, let’s dance! This is JUST my kind of music!”

%ACT% Yun dances over to the dance floor.

Cornelius: “Yun, that's not what we're here for! We need to find Null, as soon as possible!”

Yun: “Oh yeah, of course!”

%ACT% Yun turns towards one of the dancers, continuing to dance.

Yun: “Hey you! You haven’t heard of anyone by the name of Null, have you?”

%SND% 0908 - Dancer (drunk): “Oh, hello my cute little kittycat! Where are you from? You’re Jamaican, right?”

Yun: “Huh? What? Jamaican? What gives you that idea?”

%SND% 0909 - Dancer (drunk): “Because Jamaican me crazy!”

%ACT% Yun groans

%SND% 0910 - Dancer (drunk): “Soooo, now that we know each other, how about we play some house?”

Yun: “Play some what?”

%SND% 0911 - Dancer (drunk): “Play some house! You can be the door and I'll slam you!”

Yun (annoyed): “I've got a better idea. How about we play some SHUT THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLE! RAAAAARGH!”

%ACT% Yun beats Dancer with her claws.

%SND% 0912 - POW!
%SND% 0913 - Dancer: “AAAAAAAH!”
%SND% 0913 (cont.) - De-Rezzzzzzz!

%ACT% Dancer disintegrates into little glowing cubes.

Cornelius (cynical): “Well done Yun, brilliant idea, let’s start a brawl, that’ll make things easier! Now would you please sit down, and let me handle this?”

Yun: “Go ahead!”

%ACT% Cornelius turns to one of the patrons at the war.

Cornelius: “Excuse me sir, I'm looking for a friend of mine. He's a white rabbit by the name of Null.”

%ACT% Bar patron looks at Cornelius, silently

Cornelius: “Hello? Can you hear me?”

%ACT% Bar patron pukes little glowing cubes, falls of his chair and disappears.

%SND% 0914 - Digital Puke

Yun: “Eeeeeew!”


%MUS% 0907 FADE
%MUS% 0915 - Music 2: Trance

%ACT% The bartender turns towards Cornelius

Bartender: “Welcome to Flynn's Nightclub. I am your bartender. I do not recognize you. What is your name?”

Cornelius: “Ah finally! A voice of reason! Hello there. My name is Cornelius!”

Bartender: “Hello there, Cornelius. You seem to be a new customer, do you want to create an account?”

Cornelius: “Yes, you’re right, I'm new here. I'm looking for a good friend of mine, his name is Null. Do you know where I might be able to find him?”

Bartender: “Sorry, but I did not understand you. You seem to be a new customer, do you want to create an account? Please answer “YES” or “NO”.”

Cornelius (to Yun): “Oh, bloody hell! There's the only sober person in this hellhole, and he's a fucking bot!”

Bartender: “Sorry, but I did not understand you. Do you want to create an account? Please answer “YES” or “NO””

Yun: “Yes!”

Bartender: “Please tell me your full name.”

Yun: “My full name is Wan Yun.”

Bartender: “Hello, Yun. From now on I will remember your face. What would you like to order?”

Yun: “Locate Person.”

Bartender: “This is not a valid option. Would you like to see the menu?”

Yun: “Call Management.”

Bartender: “This is not a valid option. Would you like to see the menu?”

Cornelius: “This is the most primitive bartending bot I've ever seen..”

Yun: “Yeah, but I’m sure there must be a trick. Why would Null have sent us here if there wasn’t some way to page him?”

Cornelius: “I don't have the foggiest idea.”

Yun: “He's a hacker, right? So maybe we need to think more like a hacker.”

Cornelius: “You mean like ‘the sky is the limit when you make the numbers match’ and stuff?”

Yun: “There must be some kind of loophole, or some hidden feature that he wants us to find. Something non-obvious, but still easy enough for someone like us to crack!”

Cornelius: “And what do you think is the most obviously non-obvious way to break a bot?”

Yun: “I think I’ve got an idea. Bartender!”

Bartender: “Yes?”

Yun: “Two 'Black Ice', please”

Bartender: “That will be 2500 Lindens. Please swipe your ID chip.”

Yun: “Is it possible split the tab?”

Bartender: “Yes. Individual or equal parts?”

Yun: “Equal Parts.”

Bartender: “Please state the list of recipients.”

Yun: “Cornelius and me.”

Bartender: “The tab will be split between TWO persons. That would be 1250 Lindens per person. Do you wish to proceed?”

Yun: “Wait! I've changed my mind. Please remove myself from the list.”

Bartender: “The tab will be split between ONE persons. That would be 2500 Lindens per person. Do you wish to proceed?”

Cornelius: “One persons? Now that’s some interesting grammar …”

Yun: “Yes, this thing is about as badly scripted as I thought!”

Cornelius: “What exactly are you up to?”

Yun: “Just a little math test. Bartender? Please remove Cornelius from the list.”

Bartender: “The tab will be split between ZERO persons. That would be …. IHESTGSAUIEGHSDUIHAOUFQOU %AHBou ithb22”

%MUS% 0915 STOP
%SND% 0916 - Digital Noise

%ACT% The Bartender starts talking gibberish for a moment, shaking and spazzing around erratically for a couple of seconds, then explodes into a bunch of little glowing cubes.

%SND% 0916 (cont.) - Digital Explosion
%SND% 0916 (cont.) - Music crashes / loops
%SND% 0916 (cont.) - System sound
%SND% 0916 (cont.) - “Division by zero. Abnormal script termination. The system administrator has been notified. Please wait.”

%SND% 0916 (cont.) - Entire Crowd: “AAAAAAAAaaawwwww!”

%SND% 0916 (cont.) - Patron 1: “Hey! Where have my drinks gone?”

%SND% 0916 (cont.) - Patron 2: “What is going on here? Is the grid flaky again?”

%SND% 0916 (cont.) - Patron 3: “Is anyone else lagging? And what happened to my booze?”

Cornelius: “Oh shit, you broke the sim!”

%SND% 0916 (cont.) The crowd shouts angrily! Booo!

Yun: “Whoops! I thought it would only crash the bot … oh well, if that doesn't get us any attention, nothing will.”

%SND% 0917 - Throwing Glasses

Cornelius: “Yeah, we got the attention, but FROM THE WRONG PEOPLE! AAAaaaaaaah! TAKE COVER!”

%ACT% The people in the club start to throw glasses and bottles at Cornelius

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius hide behind the bar, out of view.

%ACT% Bottles keep flying, people are starting a brawl, mindlessly hitting each other.

%SND% 0918 - Rezzzzzz

%ACT% Null appears.

Null: “What the hell is going on here? Who broke my bartender bot? Again!”

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius Re-Surface

Yun & Cornelius: “NULL! Over here!”

Null: “Void? You? Why? Alright, this is going way over my head! COMPUTER? ENTER MAINTENANCE MODE!”

%SND% 0916 STOP
%SND% 0917 STOP
%SND% 0918 Computer Beep

%ACT% Everyone freezes

Null: “I'm really sorry, but I'll have to boot you off and restart the sim. Feel free to join back in a couple of minutes - your next drink will be on the house! Thank you for coming!”

%ACT% Everyone except Yun and Cornelius disintegrates into little glowing cubes.

%SND% 0919 - Multi-De-Rezzzzzzz!

%ACT% Cornelius runs towards Null, and gives him a hug.

%ACT% Yun unhides, too.

Cornelius: “Null! I'm so glad to see you!”

Null: “Well, I'm glad to see you, too … but why on earth did you have to crash my sim?”

Cornelius: “You were nowhere to be found, so we had to find a way to get your attention.”

Null: “Yes, but why on earth didn't you just tell your name to the bartender! He was programmed to watch out for you, he would have instantly called me!”

Cornelius: “That’s the first thing I did, but apparently it didn’t recognize me.”


%ACT% The Bartender re-appears

%SND% 0920 - Rezzzzzz

Bartender: “Welcome to Flynn's …”

Null (cutting him off): “Shut up! What is this guy's name?”

Bartender: “The person you are pointing at is registered as: Cornelius.”

%ACT% The Bartender disintegrates again in a flurry of glowing cubes.

Null (throws his arm in the air): “What the hell? I thought you didn’t want to use your old name any more, and of course I told the bot your name is VOID! Why is it suddenly fine to call you Cornelius again? Oh wait! *GASP* Don't tell me that …”

Cornelius: “Yup! I've got my memory back.”

Null: “You do? HOLY SHIT THAT'S AWESOME! Congratulations! And apparently you got your girl back, too! You're Yun, right? I'm very please to meet you.”

%ACT% Null bows before Yun.

Yun: “Nice to meet you too, Null.”

Cornelius: “Or should we call you FLYNN?”

Null: “*chuckles* Oh, Names are so overrated these days, aren't they … 'Void'?”

Cornelius: “Touche.”

Null: “Anyways, if you got rid of your amnesia, that means you can also remember the password again, right? So tell me … what the hell is on that goddamn memory stick?”

Cornelius: “Are you sure you don’t want to sit down first? ”

Null: “I don’t think there’s anything that can shock me any more.”

Yun: “Very well. This memory stick is a backup copy of the core servers at Black Crescent Advantage. It contains every detail of the biggest government conspiracy ever conceived in this country, and the keys to controlling all devices and all infrastructure connected to the public grid in the entire people’s republic. The content of this stick will make you the most powerful man in Hong Kong, China, and possibly even the world. Are you ready for this?”

Null (dazed): “Most … powerful … in the world? Of course I'm ready! Just bring it on! COMPUTER? Activate … Bartender!”

%ACT% Null faints, and falls down, out of view.

%SND% 0921 - Crash

%ACT% The bartender reappears.

Bartender: “Welcome to Flynn’s nightclub.”

%ACT% Bartender looks down at Null over the bar counter

Bartender:“Would you like to see the menu?”

%MUS% 0922 - The End

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close