Act 3, Scene 1: When a plan comes together


"It made me a bit sad to be separated from my new friends, with whom I had my first decent conversation in decades. But it turned out that Sky was not only quite a remarkable person, but also an equally pleasant conversation partner. She told me everything I needed to know about the black ice, her father, and everything that had happened since she met Poke.

In turn, she asked me some questions about the real world. The first thing she wanted to know was, how to get there. She was very surprised when I told her that dreamers don't ever actually leave the real world. She didn't understand how I could be here, and still have another body in a different world at the same time. I told her that neither did I. In theory, nobody can survive 20 years without food or water but still, there I was standing in front of her, alive and kicking.

But then, I'm not a normal dreamer. What if regular dreamers actually DO die after being asleep for too long? What would the consequences to the real world be if Lord Tarrion succeeded with his plan? A terrifying image came to my mind, of thousands of people, starved, found dead in their soiled sheets.

I realized that there was much more at stake than I had thought. We had to stop Tarrion, no matter what. But how do you destroy a giant underground icicle, without getting caught, when all you have is your bare paws? Suddenly, an idea struck me. I asked Sky if we could take a little detour before we enter the cave of black ice. She gave me a bewildered look. But then she understood … and we both turned around going back the way we came.

At the same time, Mika, Lori and Lionel were on their way to rescue Poke, who was still Lord Tarrion's prisoner in a dungeon somewhere deep in the northern tribe's territory."


%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% 10 - Half Outside

%ACT% Guard is sleeping next to Poke inside the cell

Mika (off): "Okay … I think this is high enough … now move me over to the window. Slowly! Woaoooooaah! I SAID SLOWLY!"

%ACT% Lori and Lionel carry a long ladder (upright), with Mika on top, swaying heavily!

Mika: "More to the right … more to the left … careful! Almost there! Now!"

%ACT% they rest the top of the ladder against the window.

Mika: "Shhh! Hey! Poke! Can you hear me? I'm up here!"

Poke (faint): "Mika? Is that you?"

Mika: "Yes, it's me! We've come to rescue you!"

Poke (faint): "I'm so glad to see you! How are you going to get me out of here?"

Mika: "Sorry, but I have no time for explanations! If everything works out, you'll be free in a few minutes. But we need your help. If you hear Lionel say "read the goddamn memo", I need you to whine and moan like you're drawing your last breath. Do you think you can do that?"

Poke (faint): "Right now, I'm having a hard time NOT doing that. So yes. I'll be able to play along just fine."

Mika: "Excellent! Just hold out for a few more minutes. It'll all be over soon! Lori, Lionel! I'm done up here!"

Lori, Lionel: "Finally!"

%ACT% Lori and Lionel sigh, and instantly drop the ladder.

Mika: "No that's not what I … woooahh … haahhh ..aaaAAAAAAAH"

%SND% 0901 - Crash

%ACT% The ladder sways and crashes down.

%ACT% Mika gets up from below.

Mika: "I hate ladders! Come on, Lori, let's go."

%ACT% Lori and Mika wander off stage in Section A.

%ACT% Lionel takes a deep breath

Lionel (takes a deep breath, to himself): "Alright. Now comes the big moment."

%ACT% Lionel walks up to the door and knocks

%SND% 0902 - Knock

Lionel: "Hello?"

%ACT% The guard wakes up and walks over to the door, opening it.

%SND% 0903 - Turn Lock, Open Gate

%ACT% Guard peeks out of the door

Guard: "Yes? Who is there? Oh! A dreamer! What he hell are you doing here?"

Lionel: "Excuse me sir?"

Guard: "What?"

Lionel: "Didn't Lord Tarrion tell you to expect me?"

Guard: "No. Who are you?"

Lionel (sighs): "Haven't you heard about the Lord's plans to enslave thousands of dreamers? I'm part of the experimental brigade, special expert division. We've been enslaved to do the most repulsive, the most terrible, the most unwanted job in the Shadow World: Maintenance!"

Guard: "Aha. And what do you maintain?"

Lionel: "Well, as you know, there will soon be a flood of thousands of new prisoners that is going to fill all of the Lord's Dungeons to the last cell! I've come to see if you have succesfully completed the necessary enhancements."

Guard: "Necessary enhancements?"

Lionel: "Yes! Every prison in the Shadow World had to implement certain minimum standards. How else could we cope with the impending flood of new slaves? The Lord's office of internal affairs has sent me to perform an inspection of this prison."

Guard: "What? I still have no idea what you are talking about!"

Lionel: "That means … you didn't take part in the meeting?"

Guard: "No."

Lionel: "And you didn't read the memo?"

Guard: "NO!"

Lionel: "And you didn't attend the presentation?"

Guard: "NO!!!"

Lionel: "Did you at least read your email?"

Guard (angry): "What the hell is an email?"

Lionel: "HOLY SHIT! Then you're in big trouble!"


Lionel: "Yes! The first slaves are scheduled to be delivered to you tomorrow! And if your prison isn't up to standards until then, Lord Tarrion is going to be angry."

%ACT% Lionel gets close to the Guard.

Lionel (whispering): "And just between you and me .. you don't want to see him angry. I lost 8 out of 9 lives when I did! And you have only one!"

Guard (in awe): "Oh my god!"

Lionel: "But there's still hope! Maybe the situation isn't so bad after all. This old pile of masonry doesn't look to bad from the outside. If you'd just let me do the inspection, I can give you a detailed list of things that need improvement. Maybe you CAN make it in time if you're quick!"

Guard: "But I can't let you in!"

Lionel (sighs): "And why not?"

Guard: "Because we've got a very important prisoner. If not THE most important prisoner. It's the first dreamer ever to be bound to this world. It's highly prestigious, and we were told to maintain the highest level of security."

Lionel (gasping): "What? Are you crazy?"

Guard: "What is it this time?"

Lionel: "You're keeping a dreamer slave, and your dungeon isn't even certified yet!"

Guard: "It has to be certified?"

Lionel: "Hello? Anybody home? That's what I'm here for! To certify that your dungeon is fit to house dreamer slaves for extended periods of time! Don't you know that dreamers are delicate creatures?"

Guard: "No, so far, they seemed to be pretty tough!"

Lionel: "You fool! Their inability to wake up means, that they can actually DIE, especially when you don't keep them under precisely the right conditions! Imagine what Lord Tarrion will say if you let his most important specimen die on you, just because you didn't read the goddamn memo!"

%ACT% Poke starts whimpering and moaning

Lionel: "Uh oh! Listen! That doesn't sound good! He's dying! Quick! Do something!"

Guard (in despair): "Oh shit, I'm so sorry! I didn't know all that! Lord Tarrion is going to take my hide if he finds out! Oh no, oh no, oh no … what am I going to do!"

Lionel: "If you let me inspect the cell RIGHT NOW, it might not be too late to safe him!"

Guard: "Alright, alright … I give up! You're free to go in!"

%ACT% Lionel walks in and looks around, gasping in dismay.

Guard: "And? How bad is it!"

Lionel: "I'm shocked! This is … medieval! Inhuman! Not to say, almost american! How long has he been kept in here?"

Guard: "For about 24 hours."

Lionel (in utter, exagerated panic): "WHAT? 24 HOURS! OH MY GOD! WE MUST GET HIM OUT OF HERE IMMEDIATELY!"

%ACT% Poke starts convulsing and moaning!




%ACT% Mika and Lori come running in, costumed as Paramedics

%ACT% Mika mimics an ambulance siren

%ACT% Mika and Lori unmount the St. Andrew's Cross Poke is tied to in the background. Rest of the action goes on while this happens.

Poke: "I'm dying! Heeeeeelp! I'm dying! I can see a bright white light! And it's coming closer! It's so beautiful!"


%ACT% Lionel takes the Guard by the scruff of his shirt, shaking him.


Guard: "I'm so terribly sorry! Bwahahahaha!"

%ACT% Mika and Lori carry Poke off stage

Mika: "Run! Run as fast as you can!"

Lori: "I'm already running as fast as I can!"

Mika, Lori: "Aaaaaaah!"

%ACT% Silence. Lionel and the Guard gasp for breath.

Guard: "Wait a minute. You just removed one of my prisoners. Shouldn't you at least give me a receipt, or something?"

Lionel: "Oh! Yes, of course. Sorry."

%ACT% Lionel turns around, and whistles

%SND% whistling

Lionel: "Hey! Did you hear that? This Gentlemen wants a receipt!"

%ACT% one second pause, Lionel and Guard look off stage.

%ACT% Mika appears, running at full speed.


%ACT% Mika knocks over the Guard

%SND% 0904 - Bowling Pins

%ACT% Guard flies into the cell.

%ACT% Mika turns over, running off stage.


%ACT% Lionel closes the cell door from outside

%SND% 0905 - Close Door

%ACT% Lionel puts a cigar in his mouth

Lionel: "I love it when a plan comes together!"

%SND% 0906 - Theme from the A-Team

%LIG% Lights fade out

%AMB% 10 (STOP)

%HND% Close Curtain