Act 2, Scene 1: The High Council


"I don't know much about the shadow world. My only visit was brief, and the only knowledge I have about it is are what I managed to pick up as a prisoner of Lord Tarrion and his his tribe. The most important thing is that the shadow world does not constantly change like the dream world does. It is separated into territories. Each territory belongs to a different tribe, and each tribe has a lord to rule them. The lords report to a small group called the high council, who are in control of all matters that go beyond the boundaries of one territory. The high council is appointed from among the lords by a mysterious nameless creature that everyone just calls "The Emperor", who has unlimited power, and whose voice makes the shadow creatures shiver with fear.

The shadow world is a dark and gloomy place, and the only thing its inhabitants fear more than the Emperors Voice, is bright light. If the shadow world has a sun, you don't see much of it. The sky is always covered in thick, black clouds, and the land is a neverending mass of jagged rocks, hollowed by the constant trickle of black rain that falls on them. It's like a nightmare within a nightmare. I vowed that the only way to make me return to this place was over my cold, dead body."


%LIG% Lights on / UV Light

%AMB% 05 - Cave

%ACT% The Chairman stands in Section B close to the middle of the stage, speaking to the Council

%ACT% Council Members chat and mumble

%SND% 0501 - Council Members

%SND% 0501 (cont.) - Knock Knock Knock

%ACT% The Council Members become quiet

Chairman: "Dear Members of the High Council! On behalf of the almighty Emperor of the World of Eternal Shadows, it gives me great pleasure to declare this meeting opened! Before we start with our regular agenda, there will be a special hearing. Lord Tarrion, leader of the northern tribe, has requested to be heard regarding an issue of great urgency."

%SND% 0502 - Emperor: "Very well. Bring him in!"

%SND% 0503 - Large Door opens

%ACT% Lord Tarrion enters from Section A, dragging Poke and a nameless dreamer behind him on a rope.

Chairman: "The emperor has complied with your request, Lord Tarrion. You are now allowed to speak."

Tarrion: "Your Majesty! Valued Members of the Council! As long as we can remember, we have always been forced to hunt in order to sustain our race. It seems to lie in our very nature. We depend on the blood of dreamers. Without fresh blood, we will starve."

Chairman: "Yes, Lord Tarrion, that is true, but would you please get to the point?"

Tarrion: "Don't worry, I will get to my point very soon. As you all know, hunting is a dangerous business. Finding prey which has a good nightmare is very difficult. Dreamers often act unpredictable, sometimes dangerous, and the dream world constantly changes. Even the best hunters are never safe from injury, or even death."

Chairman: "That's how it has always been. I don't see how this should suddenly have become an 'urgent issue'."

Tarrion: "Well, what if there was a way to live without the need to hunt? What if we were able to take dreamers from the dreamworld, and keep them as prisoners as long as we want?"

Chairman: "Tarrion, you know that is impossible. There is no way to keep dreamers in this world. They will always wake up at some time, and disappear."

Tarrion: "Or will they? I'd like to make a little demonstration, if you don't mind."

Chairman (sighs): "If you must … go ahead."

%ACT% Tarrion pulls his two victims near on this rope.

Tarrion: "Come here, my litte dreamers. Now look at me!"

%ACT% Tarrion screams at them.

%ACT% Nameless Victim cries in panic! And then disappears in a poof of smoke.

%SND% 0504 - Scream! Poof!

Tarrion: "Oops! I must have scared that one so much that he woke up. I hope he didn't wet his bed! But what's that? The other one is still here! Let's see if I can make him wake up, too!"

%ACT% Tarrion screams again at Poke

%SND% 0505 - Poke Whimpers

%ACT% Tarrion wallops Poke with a wing.

%SND% 0506 - SPACK!

Tarrion: "Wake up! Wake up! I SAID WAKE UP! RAAAAAARGH!"

%SND% 0507 - Mumbling

%ACT% The Members of the Council mumble excitedly.

%ACT% Poke trembles in fear and rage

Tarrion: "Isn't that interesting? Have you ever seen a dreamer so terrified, and so enraged, but still sound asleep?"

%ACT% Tarrion removes Poke's gag.

%SND% 0508 - Poke: "Fucking Shit Fuck! Let me go, you fucking motherfuckers! Aaaaaaaaah! Shit! My friends are going to come and get me, and then I'll …"

%ACT% Tarrion puts the gag back.

%SND% 0508 (cont.) - FUMP

Chairman: "All right, Lord Tarrion. That is indeed a very interesting phenomenon. Please explain. How do you keep him from waking up?"

Tarrion (laughs): "I have discovered a secret substance. I call it Black Ice, because that's how it looks. It poisons a dreamer's soul. If you give them enough of it, they can no longer wake up. Think of the possibilities! We will be able to keep them as prisoners and feed on them every day, as long as we want! No more hunting! No more danger! And more food than you could ever dream of!"

Chairman: "Aha, Black Ice, you say. That sounds almost too fantastic to be true. If your 'black ice' really exists, where does it come from? And how did you find out about it?"

Tarrion: "Not so fast. As you know, everything in life comes at a price. Before I share my precious secrets with you, I would like to propose a little deal."

Chairman: "And what do you want?"

Tarrion: "You know, I've been the leader of the northern tribe for quite a long time now. And lately I've grown a bit tired of it. I think it's about time for some new challenges, if you know what I mean."

Chairman: "So you want more privileges? Or a larger territory for your tribe?"

Tarrion: "No. I think it's time to make a little step upwards on the career ladder. I want to become a member of the high council!"

%SND% 0509 - Mumbling

%ACT% Members of the council mumble and chatter excitedly.

Chairman: "What? You really expect someone to voluntarily step down so he can be replaced by a lord of low rank and such dismissible lineage like yours? That's impossible. Unthinkable. Irresponsible. And absolutely against the law."

%SND% 0510 - Emperor: "I am the law!"

%ACT% Council Members and Chairman gasp, and turn around to the two glowing eyes

Chairman: "Oh, yes, your majesty! Of course, your majesty! I did not mean to question your power, your majesty!"

%SND% 0511 - Emperor: "Lord Tarrion! Your discovery could indeed be of great value for all shadow creatures. But only if what you say is actually true. If you want us to believe you, you will have to deliver better proof than just one single dreamer."

Tarrion: "Your majesty, it will be my pleasure to comply."

%SND% 0512 - Emperor: "Very well. I give you one week to bring me one hundred dreamers. You will deliver them to the capitol's dungeon, and they will be tested. If you succeed and they really can't wake up, I will grant you concillorship, just as you wish. But if you fail, you'd better not return at all."

Tarrion: "Thank you, your majesty. You shall not be disappointed!"

%SND% 0513 - Emperor: "We will see. You are now dismissed, Lord Tarrion."

Tarrion: "Thank you."

Chairman: "Listen, Tarrion. We've sworn allegiance to the emperor, so we are obliged to follow his command. But I still don't trust you. You should watch your step. We will keep an eye on you."

Tarrion: "Oh, will you? I have nothing to fear. I've got the emperors word. I don't care what YOU think. I'll be back in a week. Have a good day."

%ACT% Tarrion leaves to Section A, dragging poke behind him

%SND% 0514 - Finale

%LIG% Lights Out

%HND% Close Curtain