Act 1, Scene 1: Sky


"Life. The mystery we will never quite understand. Who are we? Why are we here? Where do we go? Sometimes it takes all the time until your life is over to realize who matters, who never did and who always will. Life. I always took it for granted. But you only have one life to live. Live it to the fullest. Never look back and regret anything that once made you smile. They say that your entire life flashes before your eyes when you die. But it's not like a flash at all. It actually takes pretty darned long. So you'd better make it worth watching. My name is Finlay, and I want to tell you my story. And just like a flap of a butterfly's wing can cause a hurricane in another part of the world, the tragic course of events began a long time before I even got involved …"


%AMB% 01 - Back Alley

%LIG% Main light on

%SND% 0101 - Dampened Music is coming from the door

%ACT% An unrecognizable shadow is roaming around the street

%SND% 0101 (cont.) - A metal door opens and the Music gets louder

%ACT% The shadow flees (leaves stage towards section A)

%SND% 0101 (cont.) - Bouncer: "All right, ferret! If I ever see your ugly face around here again, I'll break your legs! Now fuck off!"

%SND% 0101 (cont.) - Kick!

%ACT% Poke gets kicked out of the door

Poke: "Aaaaaah!"

%ACT% Poke bounces of the ground two times before landing roughly next to the garbage can

%SND% 0102 - Skid short

%SND% 0102 - Skid short

%SND% 0103 - Skid long

%SND% 0101 (cont.) - Door Smashes shut

%ACT% Poke is extremely drunk

%ACT% Sky approaches slowly and threateningly from section A

%SND% 0101 (cont.) - Scary Shadow Music

Sky: "A-haah! Now what do we have here? A weasel? A ferret? No! It’s my DINNER!"

%ACT% Sky hisses

Poke: "What? You want dinner? No problem! You can have mine if you want!"

%ACT% Poke throws up into the garbage can. "Hörk!"

%SND% 0104 - Hurl!

Sky (disgusted): "Yeeeeeargh!"

%ACT% Poke looks into the can

Poke: "Wow … how did that get in there? I'm pretty sure I didn't eat that!"

%ACT% Sky holds one wing before her mouth, going "Hmmmmb!"

Poke: "It's green! And blue! And … Holy Shit! I puked a Picasso! Look!"

%ACT% Poke shows the garbage can to Sky

Sky (retching): "HARRRRGH!"

%ACT% Sky shudders and covers her head under her wings in horror

Sky (annoyed): "All right! That's enough! It takes a lot to gross me out, but THAT did it! It seems today is your lucky day, ferret. I'll leave you and your can of art alone for tonight. Bye-bye! Or rather: Farewell!"

%ACT% Sky turns around, and prepares to walk off to section A

%ACT% Lord Tarrion, her father appears in section A

%SND% 0105 - Woosh!

%SND% 0105 (cont.) - Action Music

Sky: "*GASP* Oh shit!"

%SND% 0106 - Tarrion: "Hah! There you are!"

%ACT% Sky shrieks and starts to run back to the middle of stage

%ACT% Tarrion flies over her and lands in her way (Tarrion is now between Sky and Poke)

%SND% 0107 - Woosh!

%SND% 0107 (cont.) - Tarrion: "Not so fast, young lady! I'm not going to let you escape this time!"

%ACT% Tarrion grabs Sky

Sky (crying): "No, let me go! Let me go!"

%ACT% Tarrion shakes Sky

%SND% 0108 - Tarrion: "Listen girl! I'm going to take you with me now, and if you don't shut up, you're going to regret it!"

Sky: "No! You have no right to-"

%SND% 0109 - Tarrion: "I have the right to do whatever I please!"

Sky (crying even more): "No, please! Noooooo! Nooooo!!"

Poke: "Hey asshole! Who the fuck do you think you are? Leave the girl alone!"

%ACT% Tarrion turns around

%SND% 0110 - Tarrion (intimidating): "Are you talking to me?"

Poke: "Yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. Wingy-Thingy! The girl’s with me! Let her go!"

%SND% 0111 - Tarrion: "Listen Hairball, you'd better mind your own business or 'Mr. Wingy-Thingy' is going to redecorate your face!"

Poke: "Yeah, fuck you too!"

%ACT% Tarrion slowly walks towards Poke

%SND% 0112 - Tarrion (sweet): "Alright, NOW you are going to die!"

%ACT% Sky shrieks!

%ACT% Tarrion turns around

%SND% 0113 - Tarrion: "Oh will you shut up! As soon as I'm finished with this ferret, I'll make sure that you …"

%ACT% Poke takes the garbage can, and whacks it over Tarrion’s head while he is distracted

%SND% 0113 (cont.) - BONG!

%SND% 0105 (STOP!) - Action Music

%SND% 0113 (cont.) - Tarrion: "Argghhh!"

%ACT% Tarrion collapses.

%SND% 0113 (cont.) - Calm Music

Poke: "Redecorate this, shitface!"

%ACT% Poke puts the garbage can on Tarrion’s head upside down, emptying its contents on him

%SND% 0114 - Splurg!

%ACT% Sky looks back and forth between Poke and Tarrion.

Sky (stunned): "Are … you … crazy?"

Poke: "No. I’m drunk!"

%ACT% Sky walks over to Poke

Sky (stunned): "What the hell have you done?"

Poke (cynical): "Hello, anybody home? That motherfucker was about to beat you up! I just saved you!"

Sky (contemplative): "Oh yes, of course! You’re right! You saved me!"

Poke (proud): "Fuck yeah, I did! Ain't I brave?"

%ACT% Sky bursts out giggling!

Poke: "What's so funny?"

Sky (still giggling): "Oh, nothing. You're right. That was very brave! Thank you!"

%ACT% Sky hugs Poke

Poke (enjoys): "Rawwwwr! You’re SO welcome, sweetie!"

Sky: "I'm really glad you came to help me."

Poke: "No Problem. Who is this guy anyway?"

Sky: "Nobody important. Just some jerk who enjoys making my life hell by stalking me wherever I go."

Poke: "Aha? Then maybe you should not go alone to a place like this, at a time like this."

Sky (shocked): "Time? Oh shit! I completely forgot about the time! It's almost dawn!"

Poke: "Oh, you gotta go to work tomorrow?"

Sky: "No, but when the sun rises I'll be in trouble!"

Poke: "Trouble? What kind of trouble?"

Sky (stuttering): "It's because I'm a … err, what I mean is, we need to get out of here before he wakes up again. How far is it to your place?"

Poke: "My place? WOW! You mean, you want … err … WOW!"

Sky (scared): "I can't go home! He knows where I live! Can't I stay at your place? Just for today?"

Poke: "Do bears shit in the woods? OF COURSE!"

%ACT% Sky hugs Poke

Sky (relieved): "Oh thank you! You’re so much nicer than you look!"

Poke: "Yeah, just don’t tell anyone! I've got a reputation to keep!"

Sky (laughs): "Okay, I understand! Oh, just one more question: Your place, is it dark?"

Poke: "Dark and cozy! It’s got a window, but I've never cleaned it! I call it the trash invisibility field!"

Sky: "Sounds just perfect!"

Poke: "Alright. It’s not far. Just follow in my footsteps."

%ACT% Sky watches Poke.

%ACT% Poke staggers back and forth, bumping into some props THREE TIMES on his way out to section B.

Poke: "Woooaaah … wwwooooaah …. woooaaaah"

%SND% 0115 - Crash 1

%SND% 0116 - Crash 2

%SND% 0117 - Crash 3

%ACT% Poke staggers off stage

%SND% 0118 - Big Crash

%ACT% Sky looks after Poke. Then she shrugs, and follows him, precisely repeating his actions.

Sky: "Woooaaah … wwwooooaah …. woooaaaah"

%SND% 0114 - Crash 1

%SND% 0115 - Crash 2

%SND% 0116 - Crash 3

%ACT% Sky staggers off stage

%LIG% main lights out

%SND% 0117 - Big Crash

%HND% Close Curtain