Act 2, Scene 2: A Girl's Best Friend


%SND% Radio Jingle

Jeff: “The national weather service in Las Vegas has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for southern Clark County and surrounding areas. The doppler radar has indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of producing dime size hail and damaging winds in excess of 80 mph. This severe thunderstorm is located near Boulder City, moving southwest at 90 mph. The severe thunderstorm will be near Las Vegas within the next 5 hours. This is a dangerous storm. If you are in its path prepare immediately for damaging winds, destructive hail and deadly cloud to ground lightning. People outside should move to a shelter, preferably inside a strong building but away from windows.”

%ACT% short pause

Jeff: “So much for the official NOAA warning. My colleague Eddie Rodia has put on his raincoat and is now reporting live from the las vegas strip, standing right in the middle of busy traffic.”

%SND% traffic sounds, wind

Eddie (live): “Yes Jeff, it seems the harbinger of the storm has already reached the city. Several lighning strikes have disabled most of the traffic control systems, which means that most of the traffic lights are out. The fact that many people have gotten into their cars trying to reach their homes before the impending storm makes the situation even worse. For what I can see, traffic has come to a complete halt. I tried talking to one of the police officers on the scene but they said they are not available for interviews at this time.”

Jeff: “Well, that is understandable. I guess they have more important things to do right now. Thank you Eddie, for this first-hand report, and let's get back to more enjoyable matters: Undisturbed by wind and weather, KQWY-99.1-FM will always continue to rock the strip. Enjoy 'The Scorpions' with 'Rock you Like a Hurricane'.”

%MUS% Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane


%HND% curtains open

%AMB% AMB-0601: Bar Ambience

%ACT% Lionel sits at the bar in the middle of the stage having a huge milk shake

%ACT% Lionel takes a biiiiiiiiiiiiig draw from the straw, getting drunk

%SND% SND-0601: Sluuuuuuurp!

Lionel (enjoys): “Aaah!”

%ACT% Lionel shivers and freezes

%SND% SND-0602: Brainfreeze

Lionel (frozen): “Hrrrgh! Brain freeze!”

%ACT% Lionel shakes himself

Lionel (drunk): “Ah, I love cold drinks. And I think that this one doesn't even have too much alcohol in it.”

%ACT% Monty appears right next to lionel, towards Section A

Monty: “Hey Lionel!”

%ACT% Lionel screams and falls off the bar stool

%SND% SND-0603: Crash, Thud, Tumble

Monty (watches Lionel): “Are you alright?”

%ACT% Lionel climbs back onto the stool

Lionel (drunk): “Oh, don't worry pal, I'm not as think as you drunk I am. But … oh! Aren't you the tour guide?”

Monty: “Um … yes … that's me. My name is Monty.”

Lionel (drunk): “Oh, hi Monty! What's up?”

Monty: “Oh, nothing special … I just thought I should tell you, that I saw your girlfriend, throwing all her money into this slot machine!”

Lionel: “Aha. So what?”

Monty: “And then this clumsy guy tried hitting on her, spilling his drink all over her!”

Lionel: “Yes … and?”

Monty: “Well, I saw her rushing off to her room. I thought maybe you should go after her and see if she's alright.”

Lionel: “Don't worry, she will be fine. I know her. Snowleopards are like that. ”

Monty: “But she was furious! You really should-”

Lionel: “I tell you what, pal. When Mika is in this kind of mood, the best thing you can do is staying out of her way. Believe me! ”

Monty: “Please, listen to me! You must go to your room! Don't you see that everyone is trying to distract you from the things that matter?”

Lionel: “What are you talking about? Distract me from what? And who? And … how?”

%AMB% AMB-0601 - STOP

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW) - Huge Light Switch, Announcement Music

%LIG% spot to pole

%LIG% (Scanner) searchlights over audience. Color=white, movement=searching, No Gobo

%ACT% Lionel looks over to the dancer's pole

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW) (cont.) - Announcer: “Dear Gentlemen! It is both a privilege and a great pleasure for me to present to you: The wonderful, the exciting, the most incredible lady whose beautiful voice and fluffy tail have broken so many hearts! Please welcome … Miss Marie Lynn!”

%LIG% (Scanner) Spot on Marie Lynn, Color=white, no movement, no gobo

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW) (cont.) - applause, whistling (continues through song)

%ACT% Leopard, Wolf and Fox cheer

Lionel (excited): “Oh!”

%ACT% Lionel hurries to the dance floor

%ACT% Monty groans

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW)(cont.) - Marie: “Some girls look for their perfect love / Ending up with romantic fools / But I just want a mighty king / Who has impressive jewels”

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW)(cont.) - Audience cheers and holds up dollar bills

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW)(cont.) - Marie: “A leopard in need may be quite gratifying / But lions are a girl's best friend”

%ACT% Marie shoves the Leopard off stage

%SND% SND-0605 - Audience goes OOH

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW)(cont.) - Marie: “A fox may be grand but not if you hate the tying / Or the simple fact / He's only good for just one act”

%ACT% Marie shoves the Fox off stage

%SND% SND-0606 - Audience goes OOOOOH

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW)(cont.) - Marie: “Wolves play rough, but not enough / And they all never last to the end”

%ACT% Marie shoves the Wolf off stage

%SND% SND-0607 - Audience goes UUUUUH

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW) (cont.) - Marie: Marie: “So my inner voices / Will leave me no choices / Lions are a girl's best friend”

%SND% SND-0604 (NEW) Ending Applause, fades into ambience

%ACT% Marie bends down to Lionel, playing with his necktie

Marie: “Oh … hello! Now look who we have here! What a good looking lion you are! Would you mind telling me your name?”

Lionel (swallows hard, hoarse): “My name … is Lionel. but I'm … already-”

Marie (delighted): “Oh, Lionel! What a gorgeous name! Tell me, what is a cute Lionel like you doing all alone in a place like this?”

Lionel: “Oh … I'm not alone! I'm here with my friend.”

Marie: “Oh yes? Where is she?”

Lionel: “Um … I don't know … I think, she is … in our room … pouting over something.”

Marie: “And leaving the poor lion all alone … and aroused! And there's nothing you can do about it! Because if you went up to her room right now, asking her for nothing but a little lovin', all you'd get would be having your eyes clawed out! What a pity! Life can be so cruel!”

%ACT% Lionel shivers and babbles incoherently

Marie: “Yes, my dear! I know … But, hey! I've got an idea! How about you come with me to my room? I would so much love to check out the jewels of this mighty king! Humm?”

%ACT% Lionel's tail goes viagra

%SND% SND-0608 (NEW) - Slide Whistle

%ACT% Monty turns to the audience

Monty (startled): “Oh no, she's seducing him! If she succeeds, we'll never make it to the unlucky 13 in time! I must stop them!”

%ACT% Monty runs to Lionel

Monty (shouting): “Lionel! Stop! Don't fall for her! We-”

%SND% SND-0604 - (song1)STOP

%SND% SND-0609 (NEW) - Lions Part II Playback

%ACT% four trombone players come up, pointing at Monty, blowing full force, preventing him from getting too close

%ACT% he always gets pushed back by them or Marie, never making it to Lionel

%SND% SND-0609 (NEW) (cont.) - Marie: “There will come a time when you need it so badly / Then lions are a girl's best friend”

%SND% SND-0609 (NEW) (cont.) - Marie: “There will come a time when they'd take you so gladly / Just to get a shot / But they don't have what makes you hot”

%SND% SND-0609 (NEW) (cont.) - Marie: “Show some thigh, hold your tail high / But make sure that they all understand”

%SND% SND-0609 (NEW) (cont.) - Marie: “That to be admired / a mane is required / Lions are a girl's best friend”

%SND% SND-0609 (NEW) (cont.) - Lots of Music

%AMB% AMB-0601 - Bar Ambience Resumes

%ACT% Monty ends up below the stage, moves over to Section B

%ACT% Marie holds Lionel by his necktie

Marie: “So … what do you say? Are you coming with me?”

%ACT% Lionel goes blblblblblbl

Monty (off): “Okay … I hate to do this, but it's time to move on to … Plan D.”

%ACT% Monty (off in Section B) pulls out a bunch of 100 dollar bills and holds them up for the vixen to see

%SND% SFX - 0610 (NEW): ca-ching!

Monty (off): “Here, foxy foxy! Here!”

%ACT% Marie looks over to Monty

Marie (surprised): “Oh! What is this!”

%ACT% Marie drops Lionel, turns around and walks over to Monty

Marie: “Wow, that's really a lot of money! And look, who we have here! What a pretty, rich tiger you are!”

%ACT% Marie bends over and lifts Monty up by the scruff of his neck

Lionel: “Hey … didn't you just say that Lions were your best friends?”

Marie: “Oh yes, sure! But you wouldn't want to have sex with your best friends, would you?”

Lionel: “errrr…”

Marie (to monty): “And you … are coming with me now!”

%ACT% Marie drags Monty off stage to Section B by the tail

Monty: “But I … Hey, wait! I can't … I mean … heeeelp!”

Marie (singing): “For such an investment / I'll make an assessment / if Tigers are a girl's best friend”

%SND% SND-0612 (NEW) - Orchestra Hit

%AMB% AMB-0601 - (STOP)

%LIG% main lights out

%HND% Closed Curtain