Act 1, Scene 4: Big City Lights


%SND% Radio Jingle

Jeff: “Yes, we're living in mysterious times … although I know that weather forecasts are never accurate, I've never seen anything like this. Eddie, what is going on out there?”

Eddie: “I wish I knew … it looks like there is a storm brewing, but theoretically, that shouldn't be possible. I just called the national weather service, and they told me there's nothing to be seen neither on the cloud radar nor the satellite images.”

Jeff: “So they say we're all just hallucinating? Your tax dollars at work!”

Eddie: “More on that later … what else is new?”

Jeff: “In a press conference, the Las Vegas police department sent out a call to all citizens to keep their eyes open for an escaped white tiger by the name of 'Montecore' …”

Eddie: “What's the big deal? I mean, come on, some of my best friends are tigers!”

Jeff: “Well, the big fuss started in October 2003. During one of the shows with Siegfried and Roy, Roy Horn was bitten on the shoulder by the tiger. Crew members separated Horn from the tiger and rushed him to the University Medical Center. Horn was listed in critical condition for several weeks thereafter and was said to have suffered a stroke and partial paralysis.”

Eddie: “How could that happen?”

Jeff: “The official statement is that Montecore had reverted to a feral state. This is a rare mental condition among anthropomorphic tigers, often associated with sustained drug abuse. After the incident, the management insisted that Montecore was doing fine and that he was being kept safely under observation.”

Eddie: “And now they had to admit he escaped?”

Jeff: “Precisely. Apparently it already happened several months ago, but the police has kept investigations under cover, to - quote - avoid unnecessary unrest - unquote. The courts have now officially revoked Montecore's citizen rights, which is bad news for the tiger, who is now likely to be put down when they manage to catch him.”

Eddie: “Okay, people, you heard them. If you see a feral white tiger, stay calm, call the police, and don't try to pet the kitty!”

Jeff: “Very funny! Anyways, on our mission to rock the strip, KQWY 99.1-FM continues with another song from the golden 60s. It's “The Troggs - Wild Thing”.

%MUS% - The Troggs - Wild Thing


%HND% Curtain opens

%LIG% uv light

%AMB% AMB-0401 - Rooftop. City Sounds. Lots of Wind

%ACT% Lori and Monty appear from below, in the middle of the stage (rooftop).

Lori (shivering): “W-w-wow … Where are we?”

Monty: “How do you like it up here?”

Lori: “It's … windy. And high. Very high! And windy. And …”

Monty (snickering): “High, yes I know. I always go here, when I want to be alone … it's one of the few places in Vegas where you can sit without hundreds of cameras pointed at you!”

Lori: “Wow! But the view is pretty!”

Monty: “Yes, that's Las Vegas. The further you get away, the prettier it gets.”

Lori: “Is it really that bad?”

Monty (snickers): “What an interesting question to start a date with.”

Lori: “Uh … uhm … welll … urrr … this is my first date … so how do we start?”

Monty: “What about … our names? My name is Monty. What's yours?”

Lori: “I'm … Lori.”

Monty (delighted): “How cute! Is that a nickname? What does it stand for?”

Lori: “Oh, the actual name is 'Loreena Mc Folkmanis'. But I think that sounds way too snobbish. So, please, call me Lori. What does 'Monty' stand for? Is that a nickname, too?”

Monty (sighs): “I'll tell you, but only if you promise me not to run away.”

Lori: “Why would I? Is it so terrible? I know it sounds strange, but it's like I've known you all my life. I just never realized … until I saw you in that dream. So, what's the story behind your name?”

Monty: “I suppose you have heard my full name before. 'Monty' is short for 'Montecore'.”

Lori (in shock): “You're … Montecore? The murderer?”

Monty: “Shhh! Not so loud! Yes, that's my name. But I did no harm! It was a trap! I've been framed!”

Lori: “Framed? Why? And by whom? And … aren't you supposed to be a white tiger?”

Monty: “The color is just a disguise. It's fake. White tigers draw way too much attention. And even now we don't have much time. They've been after me ever since I managed to escape. If they find me, I'm dead.”

Lori: “Why would anyone want to kill you?”

Monty: “Because I'm an obstacle. I'm in their way.”

Lori (irritated): “In whose way?”

Monty: “That's a really long story. A long, very fantastic sounding story at that. And our dreams play a big role in it. That's why I brought you here.”

Lori: “I guess we're in this together anyway … so … fire away.”

%AMB% SND-0401 - Storyteller Athmo

Monty: “Okay. Let's go way back in time. Before Las Vegas was founded, the land belonged to the Paiute Indians. They used to watch over the hot springs in the middle of the desert that would later give this place its name: 'The green meadow'. Until the year 1855, when the first mormon settlers came, trying to drive them away from their land. The indians warned them that some of the springs were not only a source of life … but also a source of evil! But the settlers wouldn't believe them.”

Lori: “There are evil things in the water? Like, the monster of loch ness?”

Monty: “No … no no no, the evil doesn't have a solid form. It's not a monster. It's in your head. It creeps into people's minds, infecting them, controlling them, making them do things. The indians knew how to preserve the balance between good and evil. Every 50 years, at a very special sacred place, the shamans of the tribe used to perform an old ritual of renewal. When the settlers came, the shamans saw that their beliefs were foul, and they decided to put a spell on the holy site in order to protect it. Nobody would be able to come near, except for the shamans of the Paiute, who continued to perform the ritual even long after the city of Las Vegas had been founded.”

Lori: “That's all very interesting, but … where's the connection to you … and me … and our dreams?”

Monty: “1956 was the last year in which the ritual was performed. It would have been due again this year … but it didn't happen!”

Lori: “What? But why?”

Monty: “I'm not sure why. But it seems that the evil forces have successfully prevented the shamans from passing on their secret.”

Lori: “Then … how do you know about it?”

Monty: “The ancestors of the shamans are calling for help. I can hear them in my dreams. Good and evil are getting out of balance. The evil forces are gaining strength every day. I always thought I was the only one who has these dreams. Until I met you. ”

%AMB% SND-0401 (STOP)

Lori: “Oh!”

Monty: “They told me where to find the holy site. It's hidden in a place where nobody would ever bother looking. It's called 'The Unlucky 13'.

Lori: “And, did you go there?”

Monty: “I tried. But I failed.”

Lori: “But … what was the problem?”

Monty: “I … I … I can't put into words! It's … you've got to see it yourself. I can only say I can't do it alone. You're my only hope.”

Lori (shivering): “Oh … but I …”

Monty: “Lori, what is it?”

Lori (shivering): “It's just that …”

Monty: “You can tell me!”

Lori: “I'm afraid”

%ACT% Monty moves closer to Lori, trying to comfort her

Monty: “Oh! That's only natural, but I'm sure-”

%ACT% Lori moves back one step

Lori: “Can I bring Mika and Lionel? I can't go without my friends!”

Monty: “No!”

Lori: “Why not?”

Monty: “Because … because they will not believe you, Lori. Do you really think I haven't tried telling all this to my friends before? The evil forces are too strong already! They'll do everything to stop your friends from believing you! And they'll also do everything to prevent them from coming with you to help! It all happened to me before!”

Lori (fearful!): “No! I won't go without them! I never go without them! And they will believe me! And they will come to help!”

Monty (sighs): “Lori, there's no time for discussions, they're on my tracks, and if they get me, they … And we only have time until tomorrow! Because, tomorrow will be the last day that the stardust is … ”

%ACT% Lori pouts

Monty: “Lori? Lori?

%ACT% Lori turns away

Monty (sighs): “O-kay. You can't go without them. Alright. Where are you and your friends staying?”

Lori: “At the Dimes and Pennies hotel, room 142.”

Monty: “Okay then. As I said, we must go to the Unlucky 13 tonight, or it will be too late. We should split up, that'll save us some time. You go and convince your friends, and I'll prepare everything else.”

%AMB% SND-0402 - Metal Door Opens %AMB% SND-0402 (cont.) - Voice (off): “Hey! You! What are you doing up here on the roof! You're not supposed to be here!”

Monty (looks around): “Shit! This was not supposed to happen!”

Lori (frightened): “Oh no! What do we do now?”

Monty (hectic): “We move on to Plan B: I go find your friends. And you distract the police! I'll be at your hotel room in two hours! Trust me!”

%ACT% Monty kisses Lori

%ACT% Lori squeaks and freezes

Monty: “Take care”

%ACT% jumps off the wall, disappearing soundlessly.

%SND% SND-0403 - woosh!

Lori: “Eh … hi … erm … Is this not the way to the Ladies' restrooms?”

%LIG% all lights out

%SND% SND-0404 - rustling, handcuffs clicking

Lori: “Hey!”

%ACT% Curtain Close

%SND% AMB-0401 - (STOP)